29 Green Parenting Products Brought to You by Mom Bloggers

Jen Hansard Mom Blogger
Jim and Ilde Cook of Cookhouse Media
Go green with these family-friendly products selected by four of our favorite mom influencers.
Nicki Sebastian
Nicki Sebastian

Joanna Goddard

The blog A Cup of Jo reads like a chat with your always-in-the-know, stylish, and sympathetic bestie. Whether she’s offering a doable beauty tip or having a frank discussion about depression, Goddard speaks positively, without sugarcoating, to mamas, who are among the site’s 1 million unique visitors per month.

1. Common Good Cleaning Products. “This brand’s packaging is so pretty, and the dye-free cleaners feel so pure.” Bathroom Cleaner, $7.

2. Mabo Children’s Wear. “These clothes last so long. My oldest has passed clothes down to my little one and now to my niece!” Striped nautical tee, $28, track shorts, $44.

3. Dried Mango. “Our kids love dried mango, and they will accept it for dessert. It’s also good for a road trip or on a plane when you need to kill time, since it takes forever to eat.”

4. Lewis Bedding. “These are the comfiest, softest organic-cotton sheets. I love the nonbabyish prints—especially the stingrays!” Twin-sheet set, $98.

5. Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek TintThe Very Naughty shade flatters every skin tone—it really pops.” $39.

6. Sisters Body Hair Products. “The beautiful bottles are a simple pleasure every morning, and the company donates 40 percent of profits to women’s health charities. Plus, the scents are delicious.” Balancing Shampoo, $28.

7. The Honest Company Diapers“They have such cute patterns—and since a baby wears a diaper 24/7 for years, I wanted ones made without chlorine or additives like fragrances and lotions.” $14 per pack.

Kristina Smith
Kristina Smith

Justina Blakeney

The brightest colors, the boldest prints, and, of course, the wildest “planties” are the hallmarks of Blakeney’s Jungalow style. In addition to finding decorating inspiration on her blog and in her books, her 2 million social-media fans can shop her nine product lines, including wallpaper, bedding, and even a kids’ home collection.

8. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. “This is our go-to soap for all things, so our bathroom isn’t cluttered with lots of bottles.” $18 for 32 fl. oz.

9. Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream. This is really the only natural deodorant I’ve found that works. You apply it like a lotion, so it’s a little unusual, but once you get used to it, you’ll love it.” $17.

10. Nubian Heritage Goats Milk & Chai Body Wash“My sister got me this, and it smells amazing. When I take a bath, I let it soak into my skin, and I feel hydrated.” $11 for 13 fl. oz.

11. Josie Marin Argan Oil Hair Serum“I have crazy-thick, unruly hair. Argan oil keeps it frizz-free without buildup.” $30 for 2 fl. oz.

12. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. “I use it for everything, and I love how affordable it is. I usually have a jar in my fridge and another in the bathroom.” Thrive Market Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $8 for 15 fl. oz.

13. Pumice Stone. “It’s 100 percent natural. I use one to keep my feet soft.”

14. Lotus Wei Infinite Love Mist“This is a magic potion! Whenever I’m in a funk, like if I had a bad meeting I need to shake off, I spray this around me to feel better.” $40 for 50mL.

15. Tea Tree Oil. “I apply to zits and to my toenails for its natural antimicrobial properties. I even make a cleaning spray with it.” $10 for .33 fl. oz.

Anouk Morgan
Anouk Morgan

Lizzy Mathis

Gorgeous yet down-to-earth, this model and mom of three grew a personal blog into The Cool Mom Co., a site for women who love parenthood but still enjoy being their pre-baby selves. Online and in her frequent TV appearances, Mathis shares tips on everything from kid gear to style (we love her “dressing the bump” posts) with more than 500K hip moms.

16. Planetbox Lunchboxes. “The design of these boxes forces you to make a varied, well-balanced meal. I fill them with little bits of different things.” Rover lunchbox kit, $56.

17. Houseplants. “I find that keeping plants inside makes a big difference in air quality.”

18. Foodstirs Organic Baking Mix. “These make baking easy to do with kids, and I like that you can add the butter and milk that you choose.” $6 each.

19. Turmeric. “I sneak this into recipes for its antioxidant benefits: tacos, stews, rice, beans, smoothies.”

20. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer“I finally found a nontoxic mascara that elongates and thickens my lashes enough. It’s amazing!” $15.

21. Justin's White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups“They are the best little treat at the end of the day. I like to put them in the freezer.” $2.50 for a two-pack; grocery stores nationwide.

22. Ole Henrikson Truth Serum. “I love this vitamin C serum. I put it on under my moisturizer and it gives my skin a ton of glow—plus, it smells really great.” $48 for 1 oz.

23. Coveted Things Swaddle Scarf. “These swaddles are huge, and the phrases are so perfect for motherhood.” Shit Just Got Real Organic Swaddle Scarf, $34.

Jim and Ilde Cook of Cookhouse Media
Jim and Ilde Cook of Cookhouse Media

Jen Hansard

Simple Green Smoothies started as an Instagram feed devoted to the healthy drinks that helped Hansard combat the stress and fatigue of motherhood. Today, the brand has 400K+ followers, a website, an app, and a second book, Simple Green Meals, on the way.

24. Organic Matcha Powder. “I love coffee a little too much; this dried green tea has helped me cut back. I make iced matcha lattes with almond milk and coconut oil.”

25. Health-Ade Pink Lady Apple Kombucha“If I am craving a soda, I’ll have one of these crisp drinks. They’re good for your gut health too!” $4; Whole Foods Market.

26. Birkenstock Sandals. “Your foot molds to the cork sole so you get real support. I like that they last. A lot of other sandals wear out fast!” Arizona Soft Footbed in Metallic Copper, $135.

27. Grass Fed Collagen. “Adding this to coffee or smoothies has made a big difference in my brittle nails.” Collagen Peptides, $43 for 20 oz.

28. Vitamix Blender. “This makes blending so much quicker and smoother. Consider a reconditioned model—you won’t regret it!” Certified Reconditioned blenders, $250 and up.

29. Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt with Eucalyptus & Spearmint“I use these post-exercise: for my daughter, who does gymnastics; my son, who plays baseball; and myself, after a long run.” $6 for 3 lbs.

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