Do Your Makeup Like a Pro

Mally Roncal, makeup artist to the stars, gives us a peek into her makeup bag.

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Ted Morrison

"I'm always holding a baby, so I'm an ace at one-handed beauty now. My routine's quick too," says Mally.

Softest Skin
I love Frederic Fekkai's super-moisturizing shea butter cream ($65). Phil massaged it over my whole body when I was on bed rest. The smell reminds me of my pregnancy, which makes me happy.

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Ted Morrison

A Good Moisturizer
My splurge is Dr. Brandt's moisturizer. I mix together two pumps of Lineless Gel ($100) and three pumps of Infinite Moisture ($65) and apply it on my face every morning and night.

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Ted Morrison

Easy Pampering
I keep Skin Milk hand lotion with SPF 15 ($5.50) in my bag. This smells yummy!

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Ted Morrison

Drugstore Fave!
I'm all about multitasking products. I wash my face with Pond's cleansing cloths ($6.50) every night. One side is bumpy and gives my skin a light exfoliation. The smooth side is perfect for taking off makeup and dirt.

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Ted Morrison

For the Babies
The girls have dry, sensitive skin, and Little Docs shampoo and body wash ($9) and calming cream ($10.50) are wonderful.

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Ted Morrison

Daily Stress Relief
I like breathing in beautiful scents, so I carry Zents Eau de Toilette Fresh ($45) with me every day. The fragrance gives my day a lift -- plus, it covers up the smell of baby puke!

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Ted Morrison

Mane Secret
After I had the girls, my hair was a mess. Twice a week, I condition with Ojon hair treatment ($55).