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Crayola's New Beauty Line at ASOS Makes Getting Ready Feel Like Playtime

The gender-fluid, affordable line is nostalgic of your childhood days with bright, fun colors that will put your old, coveted 96 pack to shame. 

Crayola Beauty Courtesy of Crayola and ASOS

In our humble opinion, you're never too old to break open a fresh box of Crayola crayons. The iconic symbol of childhood will forever uphold a sense of timelessness, which in our world of fads and trends reigns elite. Luckily, reconnecting with Crayola years later offers more than just doodling for a short-lived, nostalgic moment. The beloved brand launched their own beauty collection exclusively at called Crayola Beauty, bringing crayons conveniently back into our everyday lives—it’s safe to say we are fangirling big-time. Bring on the crayon glam!

Crayola Beauty Packaging Courtesy of Crayola and ASOS

The line—which dropped on Monday, June 4th—stays true to Crayola’s big box mentality with 95 vegan, cruelty-free shades. Of course, we will find ourselves needing all 95 colors, just like we did in elementary school.

Crayola Beauty Crayons Courtesy of Crayola and ASOS

The 58-piece collection features whimsical, one-of-a-kind products that are sure to ignite a childish wonder and excitement—you can choose from color-changing lipsticks, eye palettes, bright highlighters, bold mascaras, and an artist-like brush kit, just to name a few. Also note the vanity-worthy packaging—bravo, Crayola…bravo.

Crayola Beauty at Courtesy of Crayola and ASOS

Of course, we were curious to see if any of Crayola’s products encouraged coloring outside the lines: introducing the face crayon. Available in a plethora of eye-popping, mesmerizing colors (to say the least) this dreamy product is perfect for eyes, lips, and cheeks alike but not exclusively.

Crayola Beauty Face Crayon Courtesy of Crayola and ASOS

We can’t applaud Crayola enough for staying true to their humble, affordable ways. Not only does the collection range in price from $15-$40 (amazing) but it is gender-fluid and promotes “self-expression and personal creativity.” That’s one message we are proud to get behind.

Crayola Beauty Lips Courtesy of Crayola and ASOS

Getting ready in the morning has never felt more like playtime—hopefully, this line brings some lightheartedness to your AM adulting routine.