Feel like your look could use an upgrade? So did these Parents readers. Check out their fabulous makeovers and get inspired! 

Jennie Smith Before and After
Credit: Marley Kate 

Jennie Smith

36; mom of 7-month-old twins, Henry and Layla

Makeover Mission: To focus on herself for a change. 2015 was a tough year for Smith: A registered nurse, she helped care for her mother and her best friend—who were both battling cancer and passed away within months of each other. After those devastating losses, Smith decided to have a baby on her own and was blessed with not one but two in March. Now that she’s adjusted to motherhood, she wants to learn how to expertly do her makeup. “I have rosacea and when I try to cover it up with foundation, it looks cakey,” Smith says. “I also want to learn what colors look best with my skin tone. ”

Mission Accomplished: Colorist Mike Petrizzi, of Livian Salon in New York City, explained to Smith that her former hue of blond highlights washed out her fair skin: A warmer strawberry shade was the way to go. And because of her fine hair, Smith is the perfect candidate for a choppy bob. This above-the-shoulder style delivered an added benefit: “It makes her look taller,” hairstylist Giovanny Jorge, also of Livian Salon, said. A few spritzes of texturizing spray to create a tousled look was the only styling required.

New York City makeup artist Rika Shimada solved the caking problem by prepping Smith’s skin with a hydrating gel cream before applying a full-coverage foundation to conceal redness. To bring a hint of a flush back to Smith’s face, Shimada applied coral blush and lipstick.

Anne Lee Before and After
Credit: Marley Kate

Anne Lee

34; mom of Brooklyn, 3, and Samantha, 14 months

Makeover Mission: To kick her look up a notch. “I’ve gotten into this rut of just rolling out of bed to care for the kids—with no makeup and disheveled hair,” says Lee. On the stay-at-home mom’s agenda: finding a fix for her breakage and first few grays, and learning what other makeup she should be using besides tinted moisturizer.

Mission Accomplished: Jorge and Petrizzi didn’t need to do too much to enhance Lee’s stunning head of hair. Petrizzi used a demi-permanent dye that matched Lee’s natural color to get rid of the bothersome few grays and pump up the shine. Jorge took off 2 inches and added long layers. While giving Lee a bouncy blowout with soft waves, she offered this advice: “Shift your part slightly: Not only does this hide the baby hairs, it also encourages regrowth because you’re giving the area you repeatedly expose to styling a break.”

Keeping Lee’s low-maintenance approach to beauty in mind, Shimada used eye concealer in its intended place but also around Lee’s nose, the only other area where she needed coverage. Shimada then dabbed a bit of highlighting balm onto Lee’s cheekbones, the bridge of her nose, and Cupid’s bow to impart a healthy glow. To add volume and length to Lee’s short lashes, Shimada used a dual-ended mascara that has a microbrush on one end. The final eye-catching accents: a pop of deep-orange matte lipstick and a fun blue color on the tips of her nails.

Iliana Batista Before and After
Credit: Marley Kate

Iliana Batista

21; mom of Kaylee, 11 months

Makeover Mission: To go back to school with confidence this fall. Batista, who plans to study nursing, says that with a baby she needs a quick hair-and-makeup routine. “I’m hoping a makeover will encourage me to keep up the new look,” she says.

Mission Accomplished: Batista’s damaged ends were beyond repair, so Jorge chopped off 3 inches before cutting flattering, faceframing layers. Then it was Petrizzi’s turn to step up to the chair. “Iliana had a lot going on—dark natural roots, brassy highlights, and washed-out ends,” Petrizzi said. He took her base color to a cooler, tawny brunette and added sun-kissed highlights. Both experts recommended Batista do a weekly deep-conditioning treatment at home that’s safe for color-treated hair. Lucky for Batista, she has great skin, which means makeup is more for fun than a necessity. With that in mind, Shimada created a playful look that’s easy to replicate. The key components: bright-pink lips, navy-blue eyeliner on the upper lash line, and orange nail polish. So as not to compete with the bold elements, Shimada kept the rest of Batista’s makeup muted, only adding a touch of bronzer, creamy brown eyeshadow, and two coats of volumizing mascara.

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