All the Crazy Places We've Taken Pregnancy Tests

Who says you have to take a pregnancy test in the comfort of your own home? We asked our editors and readers to weigh in on the wacky places they were when they found out they were pregnant. 


The strangest place I ever took a pregnancy test was at work. Maybe the most glamorous place I took it was an AirBnB in Mexico. I stopped at the drug store on the way in, I took the test right away and it was positive. You know we're trying to have a romantic getaway and I'm there in the bathroom just like juggling urine samples. You know I'm a little boring, there were no Strange places that I took a pregnancy test. A lot of our readers when we surveyed them said that they take their pregnancy test where they buy it. Meaning like Target or Walmart. No Target or Walmart bathrooms for me. I think I only took one pregnancy test each time I was pregnant. I was one of those Pregnancy test tweakers, I don't know if you've heard about them. Just one. I trusted the technology. But then of course I do the thing where I call the OBGYN like, you have to see me right now. I'm pregnant. And she's like, it's not a medical emergency. And you're like, wait! You might be delivering the baby, but I'm pregnant. I think [LAUGH] To see me in the next hour. I was there with my phone on the Instagram filters just trying to darken it to see whether I was getting those two lines and then just really doing that thing where you're like is that too subtle a line, or is that isn't a line, [LAUGH] It's very exciting when you get that positive, for sure. [MUSIC]

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