25 Little White Lies We've Told Our Kids

We asked Parents editors and readers to share the funniest fibs they've used to fool their kids. And let's just say, there's a lot of lying about the ice cream truck and TV shows. But hey, we're not judging! 


-Lies I've told my kids. -I tell my 4-year old that Chuck E. Cheese is only open for birthday parties. -That his favorite cartoon, Thomas, the train has gone to bed. Ah, silence. -That using the vacuum cleaner enhances his karate skills. The carpet is always clean. -I told my child she was allergic to seafood because she kept eating all my prawns and crabs. -I told my daughter it was daylight savings when it really wasn't. Even though it was only 6PM, she fell right asleep. -That McDonald's is always closed every time we drive by it.

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