Kids have imaginary friends, why not moms? Just for fun, fill your make-believe squad with these useful besties...

By Jacqueline Burt Cote
January 31, 2017

Sure, your existing mom-squad supports you (and saves you!) on a pretty much daily basis—and you love them beyond. Still, a tired, busy mama can dream about all the extra help she could use every now and then from a mythical group of girlfriends. In the spirit of fun, here are the useful BFFs we'd fill our make-believe squad with if we could:

1. The “Sure I Can Do School Pick-Up” Friend

Because socializing with all those other moms at pick-up is EXACTLY how you want to be spending your free time.

2. The Loves-to-Do-Your-Housework Friend

Sort of like the way Mary Poppins made tidying up the nursery a game for her reluctant charges, this friend makes loading the dishwasher and folding clean t-shirts a party by encouraging you to belt out your favorite hits from the '80s and '90s. (Just think "Pour Some Sugar on Me" instead of "A Spoonful of "Sugar.")

3. The Understands-Common-Core-Math-Homework Friend

Unlike you, she remembers the difference between a scalene and isosceles triangle—and is happy to explain it to your kid.

4. The Party-Planner Friend

Whether you're throwing a juice box and cupcake-filled soiree at your own house or showing up at your kid's classmate's bouncy castle extravaganza, she'll be right by your side to help you cope with sugar-filled tantrums and unfortunate piñata mishaps.

5. The “Yep-I-Can-Run-an-Errand-With-You” Friend

Because the worst part about spending your whole day driving from the post office to the bank to the grocery store to the dentist to daycare and back again is having no one to talk to (those small screaming people in the backseat don't count).

6. The Playground Friend

She’s ready to take over pushing the swing when your kid shouts “HIGHER!” for the thousandth time.

7. The Barista Friend

Equal parts fairy godmother and personal barista, your barista babe magically appears with an iced coffee bigger than your head whenever you feel your eyelids starting to droop. First thing in the morning? Hey, friend! Mid-afternoon slump? Nice to see you! (Sometimes she brings a muffin, too.)

8. The Gets-Your-Kid-Water-at-2am Friend

Climbing out of bed to convince a terrified tot that there are, in fact, zero monsters under the bed/tapping at the window/hiding in the closet gets old fast. Not with this pal around, though: She's a pro when it comes to scaring away Boogiemen of all shapes and sizes (and sometimes she'll even change the sheets when middle-of-the-night "accidents" strike).

9. The Saturday-Morning Soccer Friend

Whether you've got a wannabe soccer star or a gymnast-in-training with a goal of winning the gold, you always want to show your support—but sometimes you just don't feel like sitting on the sidelines screaming yourself hoarse. This chick is always there to step in and cheer when you need to slip away for a moment to return a couple of texts (without getting dirty looks from the other parents on the bleachers). And she never forgets when it's your turn to bring post-game snacks for the team.

10. The Winesday Friend

Always up for a good time, she shows up once the kids are in bed (heck, maybe even before) to knock back a glass or two of red and binge-watch some quality reality TV programming. Come to think of it, this friend is probably already your real-life BFF.