Reclaim your junk drawer as an "everyday" drawer with these simple steps for streamlining all that extra stuff.

By Ayn-Monique Klahre
December 06, 2018
Organize Junk Drawer
Credit: Parents Magazine

We’ve all got one, whether it’s in the kitchen or in a console by the door. Instead of allowing your junk drawer to gather whatnot, reconceive it as your “everyday drawer” with these steps from Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, founders of The Home Edit. Here's how to effectively organize your junk drawer.

1. Take everything out.

“You just have to!” says Teplin. How else will you unearth your ancient iPod or the business card for a person you don’t remember?

2. Make piles of like items.

“You’ll quickly realize that you have too much of one thing or a random item with no mates,” says Shearer.

3. Consider what to keep.

Once you’ve sorted into piles, look at everything and ask, “Can I get rid of this altogether or move it elsewhere?”

4. Corral the clutter.

Scour the house for containers to store what you want to keep in the drawer: cell-phone boxes for office supplies; small gift boxes for buttons; upcycled mint tins for paper clips and thumbtacks

5. Replace your items.

Once you have filled your containers, put everything back into your drawer. Start with the biggest items, like packing tape for all those Amazon returns, and then work down to smaller items.

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