Your Kids Will Look Forward to Bath Time With This Fun Showerhead Trend From TikTok—and It's Under $30 on Amazon

Color-changing lights for them, built-in bath time safety for you. 

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Cobbe Shower Head LED Color Changing, Filter Filtration
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As a mom of a child with sensory sensitivities, every shower comes with the added challenge of trying to pinpoint the perfect water temperature between what my daughter says is "freezing cold" or "too hot, too hot!" Finding her "just right" water temp takes a lot of tinkering and patience, and I know I'm not the only caregiver with this struggle. In fact, it's one of the reasons why parents are so excited about the trending TikTok showerhead that changes colors based on water temperature. The color-changing lights make shower time a little more fun for kids and relieve caregivers of the frustrating guesswork it takes to make sure the water is at a safe, comfortable temperature. Plus, the disco-like lights are just one of the showerhead's many great features.

The TikTok-famous Cobbe LED color changing showerhead also can help you monitor the water temperature, changing color based on what's coming out of the faucet. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), hot water scalds are one of the leading causes of burns for babies and young children. To prevent accidents, AAP experts suggest adjusting your home's water heater so that water coming from the faucets never reaches over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. But keep in mind, even though it won't burn the skin, 120 degrees can still be uncomfortably hot for a shower or a bath, especially for kids.

When the light is green, that means the water temp is less than 88 degrees Fahrenheit, blue means the temperature is between 89 and 110 Fahrenheit, and when it's red the water temperature is between 111 and 122 Fahrenheit. So, when the showerhead is blue, kids and their caregivers will know the water is safely and comfortably warm.

Cobbe Shower Head LED Color Changing, Filter Filtration

To buy: Cobbe LED Color Changing Showerhead, $25.49 (originally $39.99);

In addition to ensuring the water is safe, this showerhead comes with an extension hose that's ideal for baths, so you can shampoo while they play. It doesn't require batteries (which means no replacing them!), and it's super easy to install—no professional needed.

It also manages to provide incredible pressure while conserving water. Thanks to a more dense water outlet hole than traditional showerheads, water moves faster, and in turn adds more pressure. Soap suds disappear quicker thanks to that more efficient water pressure. Plus, you don't have to linger to make sure all the shampoo and conditioner are fully washed out, meaning shorter showers all around. Big families will love that there's still hot water left after the morning (or evening) rush.

It's not just TikTok influencers who are loving this showerhead, Amazon reviewers also can't seem to get enough of it, particularly caregivers. In addition to highlighting the easy installation and the "phenomenal" water pressure this showerhead delivers, one happy mom also noted that the color-change feature has helped her teach her "kids how to shower and determine water temperature." Another parent said that because of the fun color-changing lights, their "5-year-old now loves taking a shower," and there's no longer a battle to get him in. Similarly, a caregiver whose daughter was afraid of the shower said this showerhead's "light really eased her fears," making shower time much less stressful. It's safe to say that this is one "TikTok made me buy it" product that seems to live up to all the hype.

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