7 Tips to Combat Playroom Clutter

Playroom Clutter 7
Children’s bedrooms and playrooms are often home to a cluttered collection of toys, movies, clothes, and books. With your child’s help, you can maximize space and minimize chaos by donating, selling, and organizing their belongings.

Tidy Tech

With the release of new iPads, game consoles, and movies, your kiddos start to neglect their older electronics. Together, you and your child can sort through their unwanted DVDs, CDs, video games, and old tech to send to Decluttr. The website is known for convenience—you don’t have the hassle of adding every item to auction and you don’t have to pay seller fees either. They offer competitive pricing, particularly on tech, and will help you make money while making room in your home. Gather a box of items and they’ll send you a prepaid label to ship your unwanted tech. The day after their arrival, Decluttr will pay you by check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

Ta-Ta Toys

Help cut playroom clutter by minimizing the number of toys your children have. Although it will seem daunting at first, have your kiddos select 20 of their favorite toys to keep, and rid the playroom of the remaining toys by donating them. Get in the habit of purging unused toys regularly, especially before birthdays and holidays. If you follow a one-in-one-out rule, you’ll stay on top of the number of toys in your child’s playroom or bedroom.  

Everything in your child's space should have a place! Here is the best way to keep toys organized in your playroom, living room, or child's bedroom, while making sure they are still easily accessible.

Trade the Tech

It’s no secret that technology has became a huge part of children's lives. Without a specific home in the playroom, tablets, iPods, iPads, Game Boys and Kindles tend to end up scattered throughout the house with their corresponding cords and chargers nowhere to be found. Create a specific area to house the tech and their accessories. Encourage your kiddos to plug in their electronics every evening to leave the room tidy and tech-free. Remember, if you and your children no longer use these tech devices, sell them to Decluttr. You’ll have a fresh, clean space and money in your pocket. Score!

Outgrown Overload

Many parents are drowning in their children’s outgrown clothing. If you don’t have a little niece, cousin, or friend to pass down the clothing, you may want to consider selling it through a consignment shop. After all, parents spend a small fortune on their ever-growing child, so why not make a little return on your investment? Once Upon a Child sells and buys gently used children’s clothing, shoes, and more. They have stores scattered across the country so you can recycle your child’s nearly new items and get paid on the spot with ease.

Oh So Organized

Organizing the playroom with storage that is both practical and pretty makes the room feel more polished. Use colorful bins or baskets to house their legos, blocks, and figurines. Keep the bins close to the ground so your kiddos are able to dig through them on their own when you aren’t able to help. If your children are young, consider using photos to label the bins.

Bye Bye Books

Are your children’s bookshelves cluttered with picture books they’ve neglected for years? If so, Decluttr will pay you for the unwanted reads. They make it easy with their stress-free process. Simply scan the barcode on the book, ship to Decluttr for free, and they’ll pay you the day after they arrive. Cut the clutter by boxing up unwanted items from your collection of books. Anything from children’s reads to epic novels are accepted.

Free the Furniture

If your child’s big-kid bedroom or playroom is still cluttered with outgrown furniture from their time as a tot, Weepea offers a solution. Submit an old table and chair set, glider, or changing table and Weepea will review the item against their quality chart. They’ll handle the vetting and selling portion and then notify you once your item has sold. You’ll connect with the buyer, receive your payment, and declutter your home. Easy. As. That.

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