Home Organization: Organizing Toys

Everything in your child's space should have a place! Here is the best way to keep toys organized in your playroom, living room, or child's bedroom, while making sure they are still easily accessible.


[MUSIC] With little ones around, toys tend to migrate from the playroom. To stop stepping on Legos and finding Barbies in the bathroom, you need to make a game plan. You wanna use a flexible shelving system. Because that way, the shelves can conform to what you wanna store. Toys start out very large, but over the years they get much smaller. And the things your child plays with will change. And you wanna make sure that your storage system can accommodate that. Labeled plastic drawers are an ideal storage solution. Not only can they be stacked, but when your child can see what's inside, it makes cleaning up a snap. A toy box might look pretty, but it's really not an ideal storage solution. In a toy box, things are just thrown in, and you'll never find a complete set of anything, so avoid the toy box. Toys on the floor are just toys that aren't put away. I encourage people to have a place for everything and to put everything in its place. [MUSIC]

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