Home Organization: Kid's Clothing Storage

If your kid's clothing is no longer fitting in her closet, don't fret. There may be more storage in there than you think. Learn how to make the most of the closet space your child's bedroom offers.


If you feel like the only thing growing faster than your child is her closet, then it may be time to cut back on clothes. But before you wage war on the wardrobe, try these organizing tricks and techniques. To purge your child's wardrobe, start with the things that are torn, stained, or beyond repair because those things you can get rid of easily. And then if your child has outgrown something, you can donate it. [MUSIC] To make the most of your space, you should look in your closet and do the squint test. If you see any empty spaces, those are places where you can install hooks, maybe another shelf or maybe even another hanging. You want to double hang whenever possible, to really maximize the space in your child's closet. Get all matching hangers, that eliminates the visual noise in the closet and makes it much more pleasing to look at. The next thing you want to do is you want to organize clothing by type. That way you know how much of each type of clothing you have, and it's easier for your child to get dressed in the morning. [MUSIC] Because they don't have to look all over the place for one particular piece. Keep the things your child wears most in the prime [INAUDIBLE] places that are the easiest to reach for your child. It's much easier for your child to get dressed that way, because they know wear to find everything. You also want to store all components of a sports uniform together. Store them together in one bin, and then getting ready to go to soccer practice is a breeze. [MUSIC]

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