Home Organization: Arts & Crafts Supplies

Your creative kid loves her arts-and-craft supplies, but all those crayons, markers, paintbrushes, paper, and other supploes and materials may be difficult to organize. Learn what to toss and what to keep, and how to make her artistic space more organized.


[MUSIC] A collection of craft supplies can be difficult to corral without stifling creativity. To get a hold on crayons, pompoms, coloring books and everything in between, try these smart organizing solutions. Toss anything that could make a disastrous mess. For the same reason why you don't let your boys play baseball in the house, you don't need to keep messy glitter and paint. Sort through all your supplies and throw out anything that's broken, dried out or no longer working. Throw away the crayons that have no tip anymore, the colored pencils that are broken in half and the markers that are all dried out. Replace these with fresh supplies so that your child will be inspired to create wonderful art. I recommend sorting art supplies into clear plastic drawers that can be stacked to fit the space you have available. Train your children to put away art supplies immediately after they use them. Store things where you use them. If your child does arts and crafts in the kitchen, then that's where the arts and crafts should be

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