4 Cute Ways to Display Your Kids' Collections

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Aaron Dyer
These projects help your kids proudly display their very favorite things, all while keeping their rooms from looking like something out of Hoarders: Grade-School Edition.
Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Divide and Conquer

Everything is awesome when kids can exhibit their collection of mini figurines.

What To Do: 

Lightly sand the edges of an adjustable bamboo drawer organizer (we found ours on Amazon).

Carefully prime the edges with gesso (it helps brighten the paint colors); let it dry.

Paint the edges with craft paint (you’ll probably need a couple of coats). Keep painting until you’re happy with it, then hang.

To make organizing more fun, have kids place figurines into compartments based on their similarities, or create a funny scene that kids will want to play with later. 

Tip: Rotate the collection! Stash those not on display in a clear bin nearby. It will be easy to swap in new characters, and kids will know where the extras go.

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

A Crate Idea

Show off their treasures in these colorful crates, complete with museum-like lighting.

What To Do: 

Lightly sand away any roughness on unfinished wooden crates (ours were 16"x9", 10"x12", 18"x12.5", and 7.5"x8", from Michaels), then wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Use painter’s tape to mark off any edges you want to remain natural, then prime the entire inside of each crate with gesso; let it dry.

Paint the inside with two coats of craft paint. Once they’re completely dry, attach mini battery-powered self-adhesive LED lights (ours are from Amazon).

Then hang the crates on the wall, using the appropriate hardware for your surface. Let your kid place her toys inside!

Tip: Leave one or two boxes on at bedtime for a night-light!

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Stick ’em Up

Display special stickers on the wall instead of hiding them away inside a book.

What To Do: Sand the top edge of a shadowbox picture frame; wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Prime the edge with gesso, let dry, then paint with craft paint. You’ll need two coats.

Remove the picture-frame insert and cover with a piece of fabric; secure to the back of the frame insert with fabric glue. Let it dry, and place it back inside the picture frame.

Kids will get the cleanest design if they apply their stickers directly to the fabric, but if they want to have the option of switching things up, they can attach them with washi tape or removable glue dots. 

Tip: We got ours from Pipsticks.com, a new monthly subscription club for kids (and grown-ups!). Packages start at $10 per month.

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

On the Right Track

This hanging toy mat makes cleaning up fun! Zoom, zoom, zoom!

What To Do: Start with two yards of gray fabric and green felt. Layer the felt on top, and cut out a winding road. Glue the layers together with fabric glue.

Cut out additional felt shapes to make bushes, trees, water, and lane markers; glue on.

Flip over, and fold over the top edge about 2½ inches; glue down the bottom edge to create a pocket. When dry, insert a wooden dowel (it should be a few inches longer than the width of the mat).

On the wall where the mat will be placed, strategically hang FINTORP Magnetic Knife Racks ($13) where the gray fabric road will sit. Metal cars or cars with magnets glued to the bottom will adhere through the fabric, making it look as if they’re driving on the road. You can hang the knife racks in any position to follow the path.

Tip: Hang a knife rack vertically next to the mat, and attach 4-inch metal spice containers (we got ours at Cost Plus World Market) to store extra cars.

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