Ready to #conquerclutter? Our 31-day plan will help you get organized in no time! Follow the super-simple weekday steps and then dive into more in-depth bootcamps on the weekend. You can also download an organization calendar to track your progress. Plus, use the hashtag to share photos of your declutter triumphs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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We'll show you how to conquer clutter in just one month. Stick with the program: There's a party at the end!

January 1 - 4

Day 1 Send out invitations today for a soiree at your house on the 31st. Motivation, baby!

Day 2 Sort through every pencil cup or drawer and rid them of any nonworking writing utensils.

Day 3 Exchange or return unwanted holiday gifts and purchases while you're out running errands.

Day 4 Take out all your bed linens, refold, and stuff the flat and fitted sheets into their coordinating pillowcase.

January 5 - 11

Day 5 Make lost keys and phones a thing of the past. Add a SecuriTag to your key chain, which can be located by GPS through the free coordinating app. $40;

Day 6 Hunt down all of your family's gently worn and outgrown pairs of sneakers and donate them to, a nonprofit group that provides shoes to kids and adults around the world.

Day 7 Give each family member a designated spot to store special keepsakes (kids' artwork, birthday cards), like a large lidded bin tucked away in an easy-to-access location.

Day 8 Compile all your computer and account passwords in one secure place, like the app Keeper. Free 30-day trial for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle, Nook, and desktop;

Day 9 Toss any broken or duplicate cosmetics, and store brushes and pencils in this silicone Zen Cosmetics holder. $15;

Day 10 + Day 11 Weekend Boot Camp: Control Your Paper Trail

January 12 - 18

Day 12 Unpack your overstuffed bookcases -- aim to leave 10 percent of free space to welcome new books!

Day 13 Tackle your junk drawer! Corral the remaining items in an adjustable Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Organizer. $25;

Day 14 Offer your kid a prize, like a special outing or a favorite treat, for every ten of his things he can collect for donation.

Day 15 Clean out the garbage from your car and install a trash receptacle, like a leakproof TrashStash Car Litter Bag. $19;

Day 16 Your old 'NSync and Britney CDs are hogging valuable shelf space! Save the tracks as digital files on your hard drive. Better yet, get Spotify Premium. $10/mo;

Day 17 + Day 18 Weekend Boot Camp: Organize Your Pantry

January 19 - 25

Day 19 Recycle the instruction manuals for products you bought within the past five years, since many companies have a PDF version online.

Day 20 Corral all of the accessories for your kid's current sport (uniform, socks, cleats, mitt, hat) in one place, such as a designated bin or bag, for quick access when you're running late for practice!

Day 21 Part with any unwanted items you may not be willing to donate by sending them to people you love.

Day 22 Install hooks for each family member to hang his coat and bag on. Try color-coded Push Pin Wall Hooks. $10 each;

Day 23 Pare down your puppy's toys and store his favorites in a bin. Donate the others, along with his gently used, outgrown collar or leash, to a local shelter. Visit to locate one near you.

Day 24 + Day 25 Weekend Boot Camp: Streamline Your Closets

January 26 - 31

Day 26 Toss expired sunscreen and safely dispose of all expired medication: Combine whole pills or liquid drugs with cat litter or coffee grinds, store in a sealed disposable bag, and deposit it in your household trash.

Day 27 Give your TV remotes a designated landing spot, like this bold Remote Control Container. $20;

Day 28 Clear your cluttered family bulletin board, remove last year's PTA schedule, and narrow down your stash of takeout menus and overflowing recipe cards.

Day 29 Empty out the area under your sink. Put back just one of each type of household cleaner.

Day 30 Enlist everyone's help in maintaining order by assigning weekly duties. Print a blank template at

Day 31 Cheers, you made it. Now it's party time!

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