Toy Storage Ideas That Are So Cute, Kids May Even Enjoy Cleaning Up

Dinosaur toy boxes, Lego drawers, unicorn baskets, and more products make organizing toys a joy.

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Cute Kids Storage Organizers Tout
Photo: The Container Store and Wayfair

While raising a kid who hates cleaning his room (almost as much as I do) in an apartment that is far too small for all of our stuff, I'm always on the search for the holy grail of toy storage. What I want is basically a magical box into which my child would happily throw all his toys. It would keep them off the floor (maybe invisible?) but also make every toy he owns accessible and never forgotten when he claims to be bored.

In the absence of such magic, I set out to find the right organization products to keep an endlessly growing toy collection contained. But you don't need to rely on my messy person's advice to select the right toy storage solutions for you and your kids. To compile this list, I returned to the valuable advice previously given to Parents by professional organizers, adding a few more options—based on their best-selling status and customer reviews—from sites like Amazon, the Container Store, Target, and Wayfair.

The best part is that when I hit on the right combination of toy bins, boxes, and shelving units, my kid actually starts putting those toys away on his own. (OK, there's a lot of coercion that still precedes the cleanup, but it happens.) And while none of these toy organization ideas will solve all of your problems, they will go a long way toward making your child's bedroom and playroom a more enjoyable place for them (and you) to be.

Best Toy Storage for Younger Kids

For the youngest kids, experts suggest placing toys in large containers that they can reach and move around on their own. This way, they can take toys out and put them away without too much help from your end. You don't need to get too fussy about categories at this point.

"At [a young] age, there's no rhyme or reason to what kids will play with—it all ends up on the floor anyway—and you'll be the one maintaining the organization system," Ría Safford, founder of RíOrganize in Orange County, California, previously told Parents. "You could divide them up by 'plush,' 'wooden toys,' and 'blocks.' "

Unicorn Water Hyacinth Bin

Unicorn Water Hyacinth Round Bin
The Container Store

Kids can identify a friendly animal-themed basket as a place where toy animals go. They aren't as likely to outgrow this basket, made from a renewable plant source, as quickly as they would something with a TV show character.

To buy: Unicorn Water Hyacinth Bin, $19.99;

Jurassic World Warning Storage Bin

Jurassic World Warning Storage Bin

On the other hand, the dangerous look of this fabric organizing cube will delight your dino-loving kids so much, they may get excited about putting toys away.

To buy: Jurassic World Warning Storage Bin, $19.99;

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Just how many stuffed animals can a kid cuddle with at once? A lot more when you can keep them inside a storage bean bag, like this option from Wekapo with nearly 7,700 five-star Amazon ratings. Their room will instantly look less cluttered with those plush toys put away, and they'll enjoy stuffing the bean bag during cleanup.

To buy: Wekapo Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover, $28.45 with coupon (originally $39.99);

Ooh Noo Blackboard Toy Chest on Wheels

Toy Chest on Wheels with Blackboard

This toy chest is a bit of a splurge, but it's so stylish, you won't mind when your kid wheels it into any room of your house. The chalkboard finish also means it'll double as a place to make art and learn to read.

To buy: Ooh Noo Blackboard Toy Chest on Wheels, $187.50;

Isabelle & Max Toy Storage Kids' Bookcase

Solid Wood Chip Resistant Toy Storage Kids Bookcase

This bookcase uses a trick we're stealing from children's librarians: Kids gravitate toward books when they can see the covers, not just the spines. It also makes it easier for them to put their books away without struggling to fit things on an already full shelf.

To buy: Isabelle & Max Toy Storage Kids' Bookcase, $219.99 (originally $237.99);

Best Toy Storage for Lego, Cars, and Blocks

If you, too, live in fear of stepping on a Lego while barefoot, it's important to find storage bins for those many small pieces that your kid will want to use without hesitation. After all, your well-being depends on it!

XXL Toy Storage Bag with Play Mat

Toy Storage Basket with Play Mat

Store all of the blocks, cars, or other foot-threatening small objects in this bin, and when it's time to play, spill them out onto the built-in bag-turned-play mat. Encourage kids to keep their toys on the mat, and cleanup will be done in just one easy step.

To buy: Pete & Elle XXL Toy Storage Bag with Play Mat, $54.95;

Embrace Play Toy Storage Box With Rug Play Mat

EMBRACE PLAY Toy Storage Box with car Rug

This toy box is a variation on the above bag-play-mat combo, but this time, the fabric storage box opens up to reveal fun settings for imaginative play. It's available as a car garage, a jungle, and a pink castle, so your kids are bound to love at least one. You might even collect all three to store the toys that fall into each of those play categories.

To buy: Embrace Play Toy Storage Box With Rug Play Mat, $19.99-$20.99;

Lego Storage Drawer

Blue X-Large LEGO Storage Drawer
The Container Store

Buy a set of these colorful, clever drawers for any child who really likes to keep their Lego collection organized. The versatile drawers can be stacked or positioned in different ways, so you'll be able to use them on a variety of shelf sizes. And thanks to the Lego-inspired design, there will never be any doubt about what goes in there!

To buy: Blue X-Large Lego Storage Drawer, $39.99;

Best Toy Storage for Siblings

When your kids share a bedroom or play space, there are two problems you can avoid by having proper storage containers. First, older kids often have toys that might be dangerous choking hazards for their younger siblings. "Peppa Pig figurines, Barbie and her tiny shoes, mini-wheel cars with small tracks—all those should be stored up high," Jessica Litman, founder of The Organized Mama in Chicago, previously told Parents.

Second, you can prevent squabbles about which toy belongs to whom, and where they need to go. "You can also assign certain colors for each kid," Naeemah Ford Goldson, founder of Atlanta's Restore Order Professional Organizing, explained in a past interview. "Ethan can have the blue bins; Gavin can have the green. That way they'll know what's theirs."

Rainbow Nine-Drawer Storage Unit

Rainbow 9-Drawer Storage Unit
The Container Store

This rainbow storage unit can hold small toys and fit on a top shelf, out of younger siblings' reach. You may consider making it only accessible to grownups, who can take it down for older kids to play with when the little ones are otherwise occupied.

To buy: Rainbow Nine-Drawer Storage Unit, $99.99;

Delta Children Nine-Bin Deluxe Toy Organizer

9 Bin Deluxe Toy Organizer - Delta Children

This simple shelving unit with storage boxes comes in two shades of blue or two shades of pink, so it's perfect for following Goldson's color-coding advice.

To buy: Delta Children Nine-Bin Deluxe Toy Organizer, $59.99;

Best Toy Storage for Older Kids

By around kindergarten, your child will likely get better at organizing and understanding categories. So it may be time to come up with a better system for their toys, according to Azure MacCannell, owner of Composed in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

"Don't use oversize storage pieces—they become pits of doom," MacCannell told Parents, suggesting that smaller containers for different types of toys will even facilitate play. "With tighter categories, your child can remove a toy, play with it, and put it back."

Those toy containers should still be easy to access and look into to identify what's inside. "We never stack more than two deep," MacCannell added.

The Home Edit by IDesign Large Drawer

Acrylic Drawers for Toys
The Container Store

Your kids can always see their toys when they're stored away in clear bins, like these drawers, from the Home Edit. This makes it less likely that they'll forget that certain toys (which they once begged for relentlessly) still exist.

To buy: The Home Edit by IDesign Large Drawer, $39.99;

Sweet Jojo Designs Vintage Floral Fabric Storage Cube Bin

Vintage Floral Fabric Storage Cube Bin (Set of 2)

Instead of overtly kid-oriented designs, you may want to choose storage containers in attractive styles, like these floral fabric bins from Sweet Jojo. They'll make kids feel grown up and proud of their room when it's clean. Plus, they won't outgrow your investment too soon.

To buy: Sweet Jojo Designs Vintage Floral Fabric Storage Cube Bin (set of 2); $39.99 (originally $55.99);

Creative Caddy Rotating Art Supply Organizer for Kids' Desk

Creative Caddy Organizer

Avoid the chaos of overstuffed boxes of crayons and drawers full of half-used glue sticks with a lazy Susan caddy that you can place on a table or desk. The colorful design makes any art supply look like it belongs there, and you'll save time by not having to dig through messy drawers for a pencil when it's homework time.

To buy: Creative Caddy Rotating Art Supply Organizer for Kids' Desk, $31.29;

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