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I put one rubber bath mat on the floor of the tub and another over the edge. The mat on the edge helps my kids to get in and out of the tub without slipping, and the cushioning protects against head bumping.
- Kristin; Wynnewood, PA

I always write my cell phone number on pieces of paper and attach one to each child's shirt with a safety pin. If one of them gets lost, security can reach me right away.
- Jenifer; Bella Vista, AR

From the house to your car, there are so many safety hazards for your kids to avoid. Make life easier with these helpful solutions from readers.

To help ease my anxiety about leaving my son, I made a "Kevin Care" booklet. I divided it into four sections: Safety concerns, Important Phone Numbers, Daily Schedule, and All About Kevin.
- Diana; Austin, TX

We trained our cats to stay out of the crib by putting aluminum foil on the mattress before we brought our baby home from the hospital. They hate the sound and feel of the foil.
- Melissa; Ellendale, MN

Before pediatrician appointments, I type up a list of concerns. This way, I leave the doctor's office confident that we've covered everything.
- Patricia; Wayland, MA

I make measuring medicine easier and safer by marking the correct dose for my daughter on the cup with red nail polish, which makes it easier to see at night.
- Nancy; Rickreall, OR

To prevent my toddler's fingers from being pinched in drawers, I attach office binder clips to the sides to keep the drawers from closing.
- Jami; Chicago, IL

I put different colored tape on each seat belt-and-buckle pair so my son can make a match no matter which spot we put his booster.
- Tess; Toledo, OR

It was tough to find a belt that fit my toddler. So, I slid a medium-size dog collar through the loops of his jeans and adjusted it to fit.
- Holly; Cookeville, TN

To keep my son from rolling out of bed, we placed a pool noodle on each side of his mattress under the fitted sheet so it stays in place.
- Cathy; Wilmington, NC

I glued small pieces of no-slip rug backing to the bottom of my toddler's shoes to give her the extra grip she needs to walk safely!
- Minde; Johnstown, PA

I turned tube socks into baby knee protectors by cutting off the feet. Now it doesn't hurt him to crawl.
- Jennifer; Glen Allen, VA

I appointed my then-3-year-old as safety marshal and promised that if he ever caught me starting the car before someone was buckled, he would earn $0.25.
- Darelene; Macedon, NY

I put a red ponytail holder on the hot-water handle and a blue one on the cold-water handle. Now I don't have to worry that my son will scald himself!
- Chris; Rolling Hills Estates, CA

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