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To get my kids to drink more water, I crush up berries and add the juice to their H2O. They love the pink and purple color.
- Patience; Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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I keep a plastic plate and bowl in the freezer so I can transfer hot food to the cold dish and cut down on the cooling time.
- Rachel; Wilmington, NC

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It Worked For Me: Quick Kitchen Tricks

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To get my picky eater to try new foods, I started "New Food Monday." It's part of his routine, so he doesn't complain about it.
- Heather; Virginia Beach, VA

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When my daughter ate cereal or oatmeal, she would always spill on the floor. I started giving her a measuring spoon to use, and now there are no spills.
- Rayna; Phoenix, AZ

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To keep from wasting the ends of a loaf of bread, I use them to make grilled cheese sandwiches with the crusty side on the inside. My kids'll never know.
- Tamra; Denton, TX

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To keep my kid's lunch box cold, I put a frozen teething ring on the inside. It's the perfect fit.
- Janet; Albuquerque, NM

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To get my daughter to drink her milk, I drew a picture of Frosty the Snowman on the jug and called it "Frosty Milk." Now she drinks it right away.
- Brandy; Mint Hill, NC

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I freeze batches of precooked spaghetti in a muffin pan for my toddler. I defrost them with a tablespoon of water in the microwave, add sauce, and the meal is done!
- Stacy; Orlando, FL

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My kids have severe peanut allergies so I keep allergen-free cupcakes in our freezer for them to take to birthday parties and enjoy while other kids eat birthday cake.
- Dorothy; Blue Ash, OH

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I keep my kids' dishes in a bottom drawer in the kitchen so they can help set the table and get their dishes themselves.
- Ashley; Palmetto, FL

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Every Tuesdsay, one of my kids plans the dinner menu and we shop for the ingredients and cook together. They clean their plates every time.
- Linda, Lake Forest, CA

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I use a pizza cutter to cut my kids' food because it's faster than a knife and works on anything.
- Chris; Salisbury, MO

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I give my girls their snacks in measuring cups so I know exactly how much they're eating, and the handles make the cups easy to hold.
- Bria; Lincoln, NE

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I use my infant's mate-less socks as bottle holders to keep cold drinks from sweating and to help her hold the cup more easily.
- T. Kemp; Hernet, CA

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To make a cheaper version of my daughter's friends' prepackaged lunches, I used cookie cutters to cut meat and cheese to go with round crackers.
- Peggy; Englewood, CO

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To get my picky eater to try vegetables, I re-introduce foods using foreign-language translations.
- Alicia; Independence, KY

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I created and laminated a "menu" with pictures of healthy foods for my 3-year-old to quickly choose. The menu doubles as a placemat.
- Lynn; Jacksonville, FL

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My 3-year-old daughter loves ice-cream cones, but they melt faster than she can lick them. So I push a marshmallow into the bottom of the cone. It stops the drips, and she loves the bonus treat.
- Jennifer; Princeton, WV

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When eating tacos or wraps, my 2-year-old struggled to keep them rolled up and the fillings would fall out. Now I put them inside a popsicle mold and they stay together!
- Deanna; Round Rock, TX

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I make "cereal leis" for my daughter to snack on in the car. It keeps the car clean.
- Amber; Kaneohe, HI

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My kids can't handle eating Popsicles without spilling all over, so they eat them in the bathtub and there's no mess.
- Joyce

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