It Worked for Me! Best Cleaning and Organizing Tips

Our favorite at-home cleaning and organizing solutions from readers like you!

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I attached a magnetic strip to the inside of my medicine cabinet door to store tweezers, nail clippers, and other metallic objects.

- Christine; Ankeny, IA

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I strung fishing line on my daughter's bedroom wall and clothes pinned her shoes on it. No more searching for matches.

- Chevy; Valley Village, CA

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Organization Inspiration

It Worked For Me: Organization Inspiration

Organization Inspiration

Kids aren't usually the cleanest bunch out there. In this video, our readers share their amazing solutions to all kinds of household messes.

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I discovered that a dab of toothpaste on a wet cloth removes, crayon, pencil, and pen spots with some scrubbing.

- Lisa; Middleton, WI

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To protect the seat cushions on my kitchen chairs, I cut a vinyl tablecloth to fit over them. I use them when my kids eat or paint.

- Ellen; Howell, MI

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Kitchen Tricks

It Worked For Me: Quick Kitchen Tricks

Kitchen Tricks

Whether you have a messy eater or a picky eater (or both!), mealtime can be challenging. In this video, our readers shared their favorite kitchen tricks to keep the whole family happy.

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My kids don't like having their faces wiped off so I spray them with water from a spray bottle. They think it's fun and don't fuss.

- Karen; Columbus, IN

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We sort our medicines into three bins: one for our infant, toddler, and us. Now when we need something quick, we know where to look.

- Bonnie; Salem, CT

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Safety Solutions

It Worked For Me: Safety Solutions

Safety Solutions

From the house to your car, there are so many safety hazards for your kids to avoid. Watch this video for helpful solutions from readers.

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To soak up the odor from our diaper pail we put three pieces of charcoal in the bottom of it. Huge difference.

- Kristen; Grand Rapids, MI

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I divided my son's toys into three groups and rotate them so that we don't have a mass amount of them lying all over.

- Jennifer; Muhlacker, Germany

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To keep from losing my infant's socks, I started washing them in a zippered lingerie bag.

- Kendra; Holly Springs, NC

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Instead of bibs, I buy cheap t-shirts in big sizes and slip one over my son's clothes. It keep his whole outfit clean.

- Sara; Lynn, MA

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Each night, I wipe down my 2-year-old's shoes with a baby wipe to keep dirt from building up.

- Kathleen; Hicksville, NY

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To keep my 6-year-old's stuffed animals out of the way I hung a cute chain on the wall and clipped the animals to the chain with clothespins.

- Sari; Scottsdale, AZ

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I buy return address labels from an office supply store and print my kids names and ages on them to use on the backs of photos and artwork.

- Kari; Franklin, WI

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Every night, I have my kids gather their backpacks, coats, hats, etc., so they aren't wasting time looking for it all the next morning.

- Aerika, Rantoul, IL

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To prevent all of our extension cords from getting tangled, I keep them neatly folded and tucked inside old toilet-paper rolls.

- Crystie; Rockwall, TX

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It Worked For Me: Parent Hacks

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If my daughter draws in crayon on the wall, I don't stress. I just reach for a fresh cucumber. Its outer skin erases crayon marks!

- Anna; West Hartford, CT

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I place a dish rack in the tub to dry and store my kids' bath toys after they're done using them.

- Nancy; Alexandria, MN

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My 3-year-old loves Play-Doh, but I hate when it gets mashed into the carpet. Now I place a shower liner on the floor whenever she wants to play

- Gracie; Austin, TX

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I put a spoonful of ground coffee in the liner of my diaper bin to stop it from smelling. Hazelnut flavored coffee works the best.

- Irene; Arlington, VA

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I dust with fabric softener sheets because the dust sticks to the sheets and they reduce static, which keeps dust from settling.

- Marilyn; Monticello, IA