7 Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Family Room

Stuck inside? Use these happiness-inducing design ideas from the trend spotters at Pinterest to help your family say bye-bye to the winter blues. 

Family Room Calm Color Wallpaper
Photo: Jason Donnelly
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Pull In Natural Light

Family Room Wood Octagon Mirror
Jason Donnelly

To balance the naturally straight lines of a room and maximize light on dark days, try a round mirror. If it's at least two feet in diameter, you've even got yourself a new statement piece! Wood Octagon Mirror, $130.

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Try a Touch of Sparkle

Family Room Sparkle Copper Accents
Jason Donnelly

Warm up your space with blush-toned copper accents. From curtain rods to mantel décor and furniture, copper looks both classic and modern—and it can add a sweet touch of shimmer.

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Embrace Calm Color

Family Room Calm Color Wallpaper
Jason Donnelly

You can easily add happy shades of blue with paint or go for a fun, bold pattern with removable wallpaper. Cover one wall to transform the room—no muss, no fuss. Geo in Blue, $40 per 2x4-foot sheet.

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Play With Pattern

Family Room Pattern Accent Pillows
Jason Donnelly

Update the look of your favorite family snuggle spot with patterned pillows. Collect different sizes and shapes, textures, and designs to completely change things up—and to make the couch so much cozier!

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Bring In Plants

Family Room Bring In Plants
Jason Donnelly

Snow may be falling, but you can still count on a burst of freshness (and extra O2) from houseplants to lift your mood. Try a fiddle-leaf fig tree or a black-thumb-proof pothos plant.

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Add Favorite Art

Family Room DIY Floating Frames
Jason Donnelly

Floating frames let artwork or photos steal the show—and our DIY version (instructions below), which pairs inexpensive wooden canvas stretchers with acrylic, allows you to make a custom frame in minutes.

What You'll Need: Wooden canvas stretchers (available at art supply stores), Annie Sloan's paint in charcoal (optional), plexiglas cut to size (Lowe's or a glass store will usually cut it to size for free), painter's tape, drill, 1/16-inch drill bit, copper tacks, hammer, sawtooth picture hanger, clear glue dots

What To Do:

1. Notch the stretcher pieces together—they'll fit together snugly without glue. Tap the corners until perfectly square.

2. Apply watered-down paint, if desired.

3. Position the Plexiglas over the back of the frame, and mark the holes for the tacks. Add painter's tape over the corners to prevent splitting. Drill.

4. Tap in the copper tacks with a hammer. Add a sawtooth picture hanger to the back of the top.

5. Using clear glue dots, position the artwork in the center. Hang time!

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Update Old Furniture

Family Room Update Furniture Knobs
Jason Donnelly

You don't need to replace your furniture to make it feel refreshed—just add new or painted knobs or legs. Rose Gold and Floral Ceramic Knobs, $8 for a set of two.

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