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17 Throw Pillows That Are Perfect for the Whole Family Home
These cushy accessories are less of a splurge than, say, a new rug or sofa. But they can still spiff up your family’s spaces with a little color and texture—and a whole lot of comfiness. And that’s no fluff.
10 Ways to Make Home Renovation a Fun Family Activity
Whether you're working on turning a new house into a home or redecorating a condo, chances are you can use all the help you can get. And yes, that can absolutely include roping your kids in—not only in an attempt to keep idle hands busy but to help them hone their own artistic eye and DIY skills. "Whether it be picking a color of paint, placing the finishing tile in a new backsplash, or planting a small garden, DIY projects are a great opportunity for kids to put their own personal stamp on your home," says Bailey Carson, home care expert with Angi. "As they watch their creations come to life, they'll take pride in their work and may even want to take on more responsibility as they grow older." Here are 10 ways to involve kids of all ages in your home renovation projects, according to Carson and other experts.
We're Moms and Design Experts: Here's How to Pick the Best Paint Color for Your Family Home
These design experts (who happen to be parents) share a foolproof formula for choosing just the right paint schemes for your family’s favorite space.
Durable Kid-Friendly Decor That Will Save Parents Money in the Long Run
When you shop for durable design, you don't have to replace it when your kid transitions from toddler to tween. And that's a parenting money hack we can all get behind.
Paint Your Walls Like a Pro: 8 Tips to Keep in Mind
Top design experts share painting techniques designed to modernize any space.
8 Creative Ways to Incorporate Pantone's 2021 Colors of the Year Into Your Child's Space
Add a splash of "strength and positivity" to your child's nursery, bedroom, or playroom with this year's dynamic grey-and-yellow pairing.

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20 Tips for Remodeling Your House When You Have Kids

Does the difficulty go up with kids involved? You bet. Will their routine be disrupted? For sure. Will there be tears? Yes. (Probably yours!) But with planning you’ll get through it, and it’ll be worth it—we promise.