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5 Mini Home Makeovers With Paint That Will Lift Your Family's Spirits

Nothing against spring cleaning, but there’s another seasonal task that’s more satisfying than scouring your place till it sparkles. Let’s call it spring color splashing. This time of year, we’re all craving cheery hues—and even one bold pop can changeup your space. Get inspired by these low-lift DIYs sure to raise your family’s spirits.

How to Use Feng Shui in Your Family's Home

If you've found yourself asking what feng shui is and how you can use the basics of the ancient Chinese tradition to boost harmony for your family, you won't want to miss these feng shui decorating tips.

31 Design Tips to Make Family Dinners More Fun

Draw on the power of smart design to get your kids to linger over their meals and—fingers crossed!—talk to you too.

20 Tips for Remodeling Your House When You Have Kids

Does the difficulty go up with kids involved? You bet. Will their routine be disrupted? For sure. Will there be tears? Yes. (Probably yours!) But with planning you’ll get through it, and it’ll be worth it—we promise.

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