Q: My son just turned a year old on the seventh of December. During the last four months of pregnancy and five months after, I would start freaking out and wake my husband up at night telling him to turn on the lights because there were spiders everywhere. The dreams started again just a month ago. What is my deal!?

A: As an OB/Gyn, I make no false claims on being a "dream expert". I do know that dreams are usually a reflection of other emotions in your life, so possibly you are having anxiety over other life issues and they are manifested in your dreams as other anxiety provoking situations, such as spiders in your bed.

In pregnancy, especially towards the later trimesters, your dreams do become more vivid and abundant because increased progesterone  levels are linked with more intense dreams.

I would recommend that you consult your general medical doctor for further help with your current dream problems as lack of sleep is not good for anyone, and mom's with young children really need good sleep!

Answered by Dr. Marra Francis



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