Samantha Gutstadt and Haely White of 'Don’t Call Me Mommy' perfectly captured the absurd things parents say in a skit called, "Did I Just Say THAT?"

May 23, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Samantha Gutstadt and Haely White

As you may have noticed from your own parenting experiences, raising kids is often filled with hilarious moments in which you step back and don’t recognize your life what so ever. Not in a distant, depressing way, but in a did I really just wipe human poop off the wall kind of way. Well, comedic power duo Samantha Gutstadt and Haely White of Don’t Call Me Mommy (the digital comedy channel all about motherhood) just dropped the most relatable video called, “Did I Just Say THAT?” that highlights all of the most ridiculous, yet 100% serious things parents say to their kids every day. We can’t stop watching on repeat, it’s too funny and too real.

As you can imagine, Gutstadt and White—both mothers of boys—were very much inspired by the hectic nature of their own lives. Gutstadt explained to how the sketch is basically a peek into her every day, which is great inspiration for her work.

“Before I became a mom I never would have imagined saying the things I do, but now. I barely get phased when I ask my kiddo for the 4th time in a row to stop eating dirt,” Gutstadt said.

White’s day-to-day is one of a similar tune, which easily translates into comedic gold, “My son literally peed on my foot a few weeks ago and I realized that this would be a great mashup of all the insane things you end up saying out loud. Especially as a mom of a boy—you can’t make this up.”

Although these videos imitate real life, shooting them doesn’t mean staying in character is easy. “There was a part where I said, ‘Let me smell your butt’ and I wanted to do it really straight because that’s how I say it in real life and I just couldn’t do it,” said White. Gutstadt agreed adding, “Sometimes we start improvising and it’s so hard to reset for another take. But who else can say they laugh this hard for work?”

Funny enough, the two actresses, writers, and content creators met years ago on a Hollywood red carpet (pre-kids) but truly reconnected over drinks in Venice one day—the topic of conversation: their children, of course. Since bonding over wine and motherhood, the two have continued to be the ying to one another’s yang.

The most amazing part about this partnership: going to work every day is a not only a pleasure but their passion. “I love to make people laugh. I also love taking these real-life crazy moments we all experience as parents and share them in a relatable and entertaining way,” Gutstadt told “I enjoy the whole process, concepting, casting, producing—all of it! Bringing an idea to life feels like birthing a baby, sort of…”

No surprises here, White couldn’t agree more, “Comedy is truth and pain, and getting to share what’s inside your weird head is so gratifying. My very favorite part is probably playing around on camera with what we wrote to see what gets laughs. Sometimes what lands on screen is different than what you originally wrote. It’s all a process. A big, beautiful, (sometimes painful) birthing process. And somehow I keep doing it over and over again.”

We can’t wait to see what other videos these two bless us with because we could always use more of a reason to laugh, even if the inspiration stems from life’s stresses.


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