How to let go of the bitterness and find the support you need.

By Jodi Seidler
October 05, 2005

Q: I'm a single mom with two kids, ages 3 and 5. I'm constantly tired and cranky and overextended. I feel like there's no way out of my hole of commitments and chores and feel like I'm becoming angry and bitter. Any ideas?

A: Ask a room full of single moms if they've ever felt the same way as you do right now and all the hands in the room will shoot up. I have a few ideas for you. Keep an "angry" journal. Get those emotions out of your body and on to paper. This way you can see what is really at the root of your anger -- maybe fear or exhaustion. By writing it down and getting it out of your body it also makes room for some joy and love for your children to come in.

Also, are there any other single moms in your community -- church, school, or synagogue -- that you can perhaps meet with once a week or month? In other words, create a single parent support group where you can share your experience, strength, and hope with other single moms. You can also find other single moms and create a childcare co-op. Plan playdates with other single moms who have children around the same age as yours. This way you get some time off. Let's recap: Let go of feelings like anger, resentment, fear, and doubt. Get them on paper, find support with other single moms, and find some women who want to exchange babysitting or childcare with you so you can experience some self-time. And breath! Indifferent Dad What can you do when a father shows little interest in his child?

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