Single Parenting

You may be a single parent, but you're not alone. Read the stories and advice of other single parents here. Plus: Resources and advice for parenting through a difficult relationship with your ex and help for widows.

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The Year I Couldn't Afford Christmas Changed My Whole Approach to the Holidays
I had to make a very difficult decision: I could either pay off my arrest warrant, or I could buy my son Christmas presents.
Why It's Important to Pay Yourself First as a Single Parent
These are the top four reasons experts say it's important to pay yourself first as a single parent—and tips to make those self-payments happen.
Navigating Financial Aid as a Single Parent: How to Get a Free Ride for your Kid
My daughter got into an Ivy League school, but instead attended a state university, for which we paid zero tuition. Here are tips to get your kid a free ride, too—even as a single parent.
How I Started Investing as a Not-Quite-Financially Literate Single Mom
If I can learn to invest, anyone can. Here are the action steps to how I got started building my portfolio—without much money or financial literacy.
How to Break the Always-Broke Cycle as a Single Dad
When I became a single dad, I struggled to make ends meet. These steps helped me break the cycle and get my finances in order—for me, and for my son.
I'm a Single Foster Mom—Here's How I Budget for Retirement, Meals and More
Three single foster moms share how they've saved for retirement, funded their kids' sports and activities, saved on weekly grocery runs, paid for vacations, and more.

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How Marginalized Single Parents Are Uniting to Improve Community Finances on Their Own Terms
Single parents don't receive nearly enough systemic assistance. So, from mutual aid networks to childcare collectives, they're instead helping each other improve their financial situations.
I'm a Single Mom & I Retired at 48 by Downsizing to a Trailer
I was scraping by, unable to afford the cheapest rent in town—that is, until I left it all behind to buy a surprisingly glam trailer.
Mom Who Works Three Jobs Is Braiding Kids' Hair For Free to Help Other Single Moms

Tennessee mom of two Brittany Starks knows firsthand the added stress that comes with being a single parent during back-to-school time. To ease the burden, she offered to braid kids' hair for free in her community.