Single Parenting

You may be a single parent, but you're not alone. Read the stories and advice of other single parents here. Plus: Resources and advice for parenting through a difficult relationship with your ex and help for widows.

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New Bill Aims to Help Single Parents Take Advantage of the Child Tax Credit—Here's What You Need to Know

In an effort to make the U.S. tax code match the needs of American families today, legislators have introduced the Single Parent Penalty Elimination Act. Here's how Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and Congresswoman Katie Porter say it will help single parents.

Here's How to Afford IVF as a Solo Parent

The cost of IVF can be daunting, particularly as a single parent. The good news is there are more options than ever to help fund treatment.

Why Extending the Child Tax Credit is One Solution to Our Broken Child Support System

For the more than 70% of single moms who receive no child support from the other parent, increasing President Biden's child tax credit through 2025 would be a game-changer.

How Latinas Are Redefining Single Motherhood

Raising a kid on your own or with a coparent takes grit and determination, but it’s amazingly rewarding, according to the more than 400 single Latina moms we surveyed. Even though you do most of the heavy lifting, you’re not alone. That’s good news—and where things can sometimes get tricky.

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Shouldering the Mental Load on Your Own

Single parents often carry the pressures of parenting on their own and burnout comes hard and fast. Relief does exist in the form of a support village—here's what to know and how to create yours.

11 Ways Single Parents Are Staying Sane While Social Distancing

From their favorite apps for virtual hangouts to figuring out how to fit in a workout, single moms share their best tips on staying happy and healthy amidst the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m a Single-Ish Mom And I Have No Regrets

I made a bargain with my boyfriend to raise my son on my own. And it was the best decision I have ever made.