Great Names for Aunts and Uncles You'll Want to Use From the Start

Looking for just the right name for your little one to call their new aunt or uncle? Get tips for landing a great nickname, plus a few fun ideas.

Your mom and dad may be spending hours debating about whether they'll be Nana and Papa or Yaya and G-Dad, but your sisters and brothers also need to think about whether they'll go with the traditional Aunt and Uncle—or opt for something a little different.

While there's no rules in the aunt and uncle naming game, it's a good idea to look for something that's easy for your little one to pronounce, and also flows nicely with your siblings' names—Lala Lola may be a bit much for a little one to manage, for example.

And don't forget, these honorifics can also be used for friends who feel a whole lot like family—so your BFF can be an Auntie, too. (Some families opt to use a different uncle or aunt name for their official relatives vs. the friend-of-family folks, so no one feels slighted.)

And of course, it's always wise to run a name by your sibling or friend before you start working on your kiddo to call them the name. That way, you know that you've picked a name they'll love to be called, time and time again.

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Whether you want to go traditional or a little more offbeat, here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Aunt Name Ideas

Auntie is the most traditional pick. You could also mine other languages for options—Tia is Spanish for aunt, but it's Tante in France and Germany, Theia in Greece, Zia in Italian, Oba in Japanese, Chaachee in Hindi, and Guma in Chinese. Some families use Lala for aunts (or for grandmothers, too), or other sweet options like Nini, Bubbie, or Cookie.

Uncle Names Ideas

Uncle can be shortened to just plain Unk (i.e. Unk Aidan) or Unks. There's the Spanish Tio, but it's Oncle in French, and Onkel in German—so there's not a lot of variety there. Greek uncles are called Theios, and Italian uncles are called Zio. In Chinese, you can call your uncle Shushu (very fun!), or try the Russian Dyadya. And who wouldn't dig being called Umalume (that's Zulu for uncle). Bud can also make a fun nickname for a niece or nephew's favorite buddy, or Big Guy might work for the right uncle.

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