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Read the stories and advice of families within the LGBTQ+ community. Resources for parents, caregivers, and chosen family allies of LGBTQ+ kids and for LGBTQ parents navigating and celebrating this family dynamic.

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More Black Celebs Are Coming Out and Showing Us How To Support the Queer Folks in Our Families
As a Black nonbinary person, seeing Monae come out on Red Table Talk and seeing their mother express unconditional love was validating. Here's how other Black families can also support their queer loved ones.
Gender Identity Terms To Know and Understand
As a parent follows their child's lead, one of the first steps a caregiver can take is to educate themselves on some of the common terms related to gender identity.
I'm a Queer Parent and It's Hard to Not Worry About the Domino Effect of Roe v. Wade for LGBTQIA+ Rights
No matter what happens to Roe v. Wade, the queer community collectively holds its breath. We're trying not to spiral into the 'what ifs' and focus on the 'what is,' but what is happening is the wakening of dormant bigotry.
Why Chosen Families Are Essential to LGBTQIA+ Parents and Their Children
Many queer people grew up without seeing themselves reflected in their world. Today, LGBTQIA+ parents are intentionally raising their kids in and around queer communities.
What Texas Caregivers Should Know About Protecting Their Transgender Children
A Texas judge has stopped the state's investigations of caregivers providing gender-affirming care to their children. However, families are still under investigation and many fear that the order will be appealed.
Why We Need to Stop Outing LGBTQIA+ Students
Revealing the identities of queer students has a major impact on their mental health, safety, and potential for self-harm. Here's how to protect queer youth.

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Olympic Mom Kelly Rippon Shares Tips on How To Support Your LGBTQIA+ Child in Competitive Sports
Olympic parent Kelly Rippon watched her son Adam Rippon win a medal in figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here, she shares ideas for parents to build a support network for their LGBTQIA+ children involved in competitive sports.
Dad Starts TikTok Trend by Offering To Stand in as Parent for LGBTQIA+ Couples on Their Wedding Day
Everyone deserves to be surrounded by love on their big day. This TikTok dad has created a community of people dedicated to ensuring LGBTQIA+ couples get that and more.
LGBTQIA+ Books Are Under Attack as More Bills and Bans Take Them Out of Libraries and Classrooms—Here's How Community Members Are Fighting Back

School boards are becoming political playgrounds as the increase of book bans threatens to take LGBTQIA+ resources and representation out of the hands of students.