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Read the stories and advice of families within the LGBTQ+ community. Resources for parents, caregivers, and chosen family allies of LGBTQ+ kids and for LGBTQ parents navigating and celebrating this family dynamic.

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Why Are Queer Parents Still Paying for Second-Parent Adoption?

Second-parent adoption, also known as co-parent adoption, confirmative adoption, or step-parent adoption, is intrusive and expensive. Why are so many LGBTQ+ couples still forced to do it?

5 Ways Teaching Kids About Money is Different in a Queer Household

LGBTQ+ parents and kids need a different financial education that our heterosexual and gender-normative counterparts. Here's what to teach kids about money in queer families.

What I Wish My Hetero Mom & Dad Had Taught Me About Parenting & Money

LGBTQ+ couples reveal the financial advice they wish they had received growing up with their own (heterosexual) parents-and their top tips for moving beyond the fear that you can't afford to be a parent.

How to Avoid Financial Risk When Buying Sperm

Artificial insemination costs are unfairly high for prospective LGBTQ+ (or hetero solo-by-choice) parents. That said, there are a few steps you can take to avoid financial risk when buying sperm.

Queer Parents Are Over-Charged for IVF-Here's How to Be Prepared

Queer people are already underpaid and experience greater unemployment rates than heterosexual individuals. The fact that insurance won't cover any fertility treatments for LGBTQ+ parents just makes family-planning even more difficult-and costly.

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How Catholic Parents Can Better Support Their LGBTQ+ Children

Being raised in a Catholic household, I struggled to balance my queerness, my religion, and my relationship with my family. Parents can help their kids avoid this issue. Here are ways you can create a safe space for your LGBTQ+ children within your religion and boost your relationship at the same time.