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Read the stories and advice of families within the LGBTQ+ community. Resources for parents, caregivers, and chosen family allies of LGBTQ+ kids and for LGBTQ parents navigating and celebrating this family dynamic.

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Gender Pronouns Explained, And Why You Should Absolutely Respect Kids When They Change Them
Pronouns that we use are as much of us as the rest of our identity. If your child tells you their pronouns, it's important to listen.
TikTok Helped Me—a Married Mom of Two—Realize My True Sexual Identity
The TikTok star and blogger behind Fruits of Motherhood shares how she realized her attraction to women using the app and what it means for her family.
What Muppet Babies' Gonzo in a Dress Means to Me, a Nonbinary Parent
"When my kid gets to see a small part of our shared world reflected in the TV shows we watch, that's a really big deal."
Why Joking About Your Child's Crush or Romantic Interests Can Be Harmful
It seems playful and fun, but teasing your kid about romance or marriage can actually hurt their well-being, especially if they're LGBTQ+. Here's what you can say instead.
What Hetero Parents Can Learn From How Lesbian Moms Approach Money
Here's what hetero parents can learn from how lesbians approach money—and tips for all moms to feel as financially healthy as this here lesbian mom.
Why Are Queer Parents Still Paying for Second-Parent Adoption?
Second-parent adoption, also known as co-parent adoption, confirmative adoption, or step-parent adoption, is intrusive and expensive. Why are so many LGBTQ+ couples still forced to do it?

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5 Ways Teaching Kids About Money is Different in a Queer Household
LGBTQ+ parents and kids need a different financial education that our heterosexual and gender-normative counterparts. Here's what to teach kids about money in queer families.
What I Wish My Hetero Mom & Dad Had Taught Me About Parenting & Money
LGBTQ+ couples reveal the financial advice they wish they had received growing up with their own (heterosexual) parents-and their top tips for moving beyond the fear that you can't afford to be a parent.