July 02, 2015

Q: My ex had my son the day that my girlfriend and I started dating. My gf is great with him and they've always got along great. My son is now 15-months-old and the last 2 weeks he has been resenting my girlfriend. I do not know why, he used to only want to be with her. She is always planning fun things for the weekends that we have him. Is this a common phase?

A: I am not sure how you know he is resenting your girlfriend. That is a pretty complex emotion for a 15 month old. I am guessing he is exhibiting some stranger anxiety and in his mind, women are categorized as either mom or not-mom and he knows your girlfriend falls into the not-mom category. I would suggest that you continue to spend time the three of you but not push him into being with her. Let him come to her.  In addition, the fun things she plans might be too stimulating for him and perhaps some more quiet activities might be easier on him.

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Answered by Dr. Alice D. Domar