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Help your child navigate through the challenges of being raised by gay parents. Teach them the skills to handle difficult social situations. Our tips shed light on this family dynamic.

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The Mental Load When There Are Two Moms to Carry the Burden
There's an expectation in our society that moms are naturally better caregivers than dads. But raising kids in a same-sex, two-mom household has its own share of burdens to navigate.
Second-Parent Adoption Was the Only Option My Wife Had to Gain Parental Rights of Our Kid
Same-sex couples continue to face hurdles when it comes to building a family. That includes the need for second-parent adoption, which ensures the non-biological parent has legal rights to their child. I know firsthand how difficult and draining that process is. And now, as the Trump administration pushes to remove protections from same-sex couples wanting to adopt, I wonder if the battle will just get worse.
The LGBTQ Community's Struggle for Paid Parental Leave is Very Real
The LGBTQ community tends to suffer even more when it comes to parental leave in America. But with companies like American Express making breakthroughs in their parental leave policies and more acceptance of the LGBTQ community in America, experts are hopeful of a brighter future.
As a Gay Dad I Was Always Intimidated By the Suburbs, Until I Moved There
My partner and I decided to ditch the big city and move to a small suburban town with our two kids. I worried we might not fit in as a family with two dads. But in the end, the change had a positive impact on my parenting and my family.
Retired NFL Player Jeff Rohrer Raising Kids with Ex-Wife and His New Husband Under the Same Roof
Last fall retired Dallas Cowboy Jeff Rohrer became the first-known NFL player to marry a man. Now he's raising his two teenagers with his new husband and his ex-wife — all under the same roof.
Melissa Etheridge Speaks Candidly About the Intricacies of LGBTQ Parenting
As soulfully as she writes her music, the rocker describes the beauty of creating a modern-day family with a lot of love and, yes, a little donated sperm.

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Luvs Ad Features Gay Dads Hilariously Obsessing Over Child's First Haircut
Watch as these gay parents evolve from newbie helicopter dads to experienced (and exhausted) parents in this hilarious Luvs Diapers commercial. 
Groups Split on Inclusive 'Doc McStuffins' Storyline
Members of a conservative mom group are not happy with Doc McStuffins' recent depiction of a same-sex couple, while LGBT groups praise it. 
Does 'Finding Dory' Feature the First Same-Sex Couple in Disney History?

Will we see a same-sex couple in the sequel to Finding Nemo? The answer is yes if the Internet has anything to say about it.