Family Dynamics

What makes a family? Learn about traditional and non-traditional family relationships, including single-parent families, families with gay parents, military families, and more. Try these tips for making your family work regardless of your family make-up.

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Becoming a Single Mom By Choice Increased My Earning Potential
Despite popular myth and stereotypes, single mothers are not all poor and desperate. On the contrary; when I became a single mom by choice, I started making more money than I ever had. Here's how.
The Best Scholarships for Parents—Including Support Just for Single Moms
Pursuing higher education as a parent—especially as a single mom or dad—can be daunting and expensive. Here are scholarship programs designed to help lighten the load for parents who need a little help footing all the bills.
Money Lessons I Learned From My Single Mother
When my mom unexpectedly became a single parent, she had to pivot big time and learn to manage—and stretch—the household budget. And she taught me lifelong finance lessons along the way.
Gender Pronouns Explained, And Why You Should Absolutely Respect Kids When They Change Them
Pronouns that we use are as much of us as the rest of our identity. If your child tells you their pronouns, it's important to listen.
I Want My Child To Have a Strong Relationship With My Parents, but Grandma's Not Interested
Every grandparent-grandchild relationship is unique. But there can be a disconnect between what you want for your kids and your own parents' limitations.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says you can help pave the way to a good relationship with communication and acceptance.
TikTok Helped Me—a Married Mom of Two—Realize My True Sexual Identity
The TikTok star and blogger behind Fruits of Motherhood shares how she realized her attraction to women using the app and what it means for her family.

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Grandparents come in all varieties: hyperinvolved or hands-off, loving or lacking. If you're struggling to make the most of this precious relationship, take some advice from our experts—as well as from fellow parents who’ve been there.
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Guy Bryant took a leap of faith and opened his home to young men with troubled pasts. What happened next was a life changing experience rooted in love.

How Frustrations With Fostering Turned an Aspiring Dad Onto Surrogacy

In his pursuit of becoming a dad as a gay single man, Kevin Gerdes began fostering, but after several heartbreaking experiences, his journey to fatherhood recently took a new turn toward surrogacy. Here's what he wants other aspiring parents to know.