Family Dynamics

What makes a family? Learn about traditional and non-traditional family relationships, including single-parent families, families with gay parents, military families, and more. Try these tips for making your family work regardless of your family make-up.

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Mom Says Family Can 'Live in Filth' Until Husband and Kids Pitch in With Household Chores

One mom on Reddit gave her family an ultimatum: Step up to help with keeping the house clean or live in what you've created. It didn't go over well.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Accept Every Type of Family

In a world where all kinds of ties bind parents to their children—whether the grown-ups are single, in a same-sex marriage, or adoptive guardians—it’s important to show kids that it’s not who’s involved, but the love they share that makes a family.

Multigenerational Homes Are on the Rise—Here's How to Make It Work For Your Extended Family

Like most things in life, moving in with family members of different ages has its pros and cons—fortunately, there are ways to ace the multigenerational living arrangement.

I Didn't Know English Well When I Moved to the US—and It Was Little Gestures From Others That Made All The Difference

When I arrived in the United States from Argentina with my family a few years ago, adjusting to a new culture was hard. Here's what my journey in a new place without knowing the language fluently has been like.

Inside the Mind of 'Family Annihilators'

Netflix's new documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door explains what led Chris Watts to kill his family. He's just one of many family annihilators to make the news. Experts explain what leads these killers to do the unimaginable.

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Shouldering the Mental Load on Your Own

Single parents often carry the pressures of parenting on their own and burnout comes hard and fast. Relief does exist in the form of a support village—here's what to know and how to create yours.

The Mental Load When There Are Two Moms to Carry the Burden

There's an overwhelming expectation in our society that moms are naturally better caregivers than dads and they're expected to be able to handle more of it as a result. This leads to a mental load imbalance in two-parent heterosexual households. But the reality is gender does not define parenting abilities and raising kids in a same-sex, two-mom household has its own share of burdens to navigate.

My Partner and I Both Use Wheelchairs: This Is How We Parent Despite Our Disabilities

Born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis, one Minnesota mom explains how she and her partner are raising a daughter and advocating for parents with disabilities along the way.