Family Dynamics

What makes a family? Learn about traditional and non-traditional family relationships, including single-parent families, families with gay parents, military families, and more. Try these tips for making your family work regardless of your family make-up.

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I Didn't Know English Well When I Moved to the US—and It Was Little Gestures From Others That Made All The Difference

When I arrived in the United States from Argentina with my family a few years ago, adjusting to a new culture was hard. Here's what my journey in a new place without knowing the language fluently has been like.

Inside the Mind of 'Family Annihilators'

Netflix's new documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door explains what led Chris Watts to kill his family. He's just one of many family annihilators to make the news. Experts explain what leads these killers to do the unimaginable.

Shouldering the Mental Load on Your Own

Single parents often carry the pressures of parenting on their own and burnout comes hard and fast. Relief does exist in the form of a support village—here's what to know and how to create yours.

The Mental Load When There Are Two Moms to Carry the Burden

There's an overwhelming expectation in our society that moms are naturally better caregivers than dads and they're expected to be able to handle more of it as a result. This leads to a mental load imbalance in two-parent heterosexual households. But the reality is gender does not define parenting abilities and raising kids in a same-sex, two-mom household has its own share of burdens to navigate.

The Mental Load of the Black Mother

It was only after the death of George Floyd that I realized just how much racial injustice affects the way I parent my two Black sons and how it's taken its toll on my mental health.

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How We Talk About Dads Adds to the Mental Load on Moms

It's often reported that moms carry a bulk of the weight of parenting alone, but research shows that's not the case. By leaving dads out of the conversation, we are adding onto both the stress they feel and the pressures moms face. 

The Changing Face of the American Family

Society has long idolized the nuclear family—two married heterosexual parents of the same race with two biological children. But statistics show that ideal is best left to the Cleavers. Take a look at the new norm. 

11 Ways Single Parents Are Staying Sane While Social Distancing

From their favorite apps for virtual hangouts to figuring out how to fit in a workout, single moms share their best tips on staying happy and healthy amidst the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.