Smart strategies for helping your little one cope with the aftermath of a divorce.
child watching parent's fight
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Q: My husband and I divorced last year around this time, and I've noticed that my 6-year- old son is starting to act out lately. He's been taunting his little sister and saying no to everything I ask him to do. Any suggestions?

A: At that age, art is great therapy. Have him draw pictures, ask him to draw his feelings or his family, and see what he creates. You may want to take him to a counselor. It's typical that, especially at his age, he's acting out. It's his way of expressing his confusion or anger or sadness. Give him a vehicle of expression so he can release these feelings in a healthy way. Speak to other mothers at school or in your community who may have experienced the same thing, and get advice from other moms or experts in your area. Remember, as emotional as you're feeling, so is he. You can express yourself in healthier ways because you know how to and have people to support you in that expression. Create that same space for your child and watch him blossom! Good luck!

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