Children & Divorce

If you're going through a divorce, your kids will need special attention. Here's the scoop on how to protect them, make them feel loved, and help them through custody issues.

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Wayne Brady Calls Himself 'Duncle' and Is Ready to Co-Parent Ex-wife's New Baby
Though he has been divorced from his ex-wife for 13 years, Wayne Brady is a proud "duncle" to her adopted son, Sunny.
The Term 'Disneyland Parent' is Trending, and We All Know a Mom or Dad Who is Guilty of This
A Disneyland parent—aka a non-custodial parent who indulges their kid with gifts—can be difficult to deal with and may also have negative effects on your child. Here's how to handle this co-parenting issue like a pro.  
Divorce Is On the Rise During the Pandemic—and Don't Feel Guilty If That Includes You
Divorce rates are up, but the decision doesn’t come easy to parents. Here's why divorcing during this time is still OK.
3 Ways Parents Today Are Divorcing Better Than They Used To
Even if you’re no longer a couple, you’ll be forever linked as parents. Discover how today’s moms and dads are finding new ways to focus on what’s most helpful for their kids.
How to Be a Great Co-Parent If You Don't Get Along With Your Ex
Even if you're not best friends with your ex, it's OK. It may not be realistic for some people. But you can still be a great parent anyway.
5 Things Co-Parenting Families Can Do to Make Back-to-School Season Easier
It's important for co-parenting families to streamline communication and establish the kids' schedule ahead of a busy school year. Family law experts share practical tips to help parents start the school year on the same page.

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