If you've decided that it's time to part ways with your spouse, there are many things to consider: Your kids, your finances, the division of material possessions, and more. We've tapped the pros for helpful advice to cope with separation or divorce.

Navigating the Challenges of Blended Families

Modern families redefine togetherness.

9 Rules to Make Joint Child Custody Work

We asked our experts for their best rules for making shared child custody work for you, your ex, and your kids.

Age-by-Age Guide to What Children Understand About Divorce

How to discuss divorce with your child at any age.

Making a Child Comfortable in Two Homes

It can be tough for kids to get used to the idea of having two places to call home. Here's how to help them make the adjustment.

Advice for Stepparents: 7 Ways to Connect With Stepkids

Becoming a stepparent can be scary and overwhelming -- for you and your future stepchildren. Here are tips to make the transition easier for everyone involved.

11 Rules for Helping Your Child Deal With Divorce

It's no shocker that the breakup of your marriage is tough on your kids. We'll show you how to lend comfort -- not confusion -- to an already difficult situation.

This Stepmom's Viral Photo Captures How Beautiful Co-Parenting Can Be

It's no wonder this awesome glimpse of a happy blended family is racking up likes across social media.

'Scary Mommy' Founder Announced the Details of Her Divorce in a Powerful Way

Jill Smokler, who started the parenting website in 2008, revealed that her husband Jeff's sexuality was a "secret" they shared for years.

13 Celebrities Talk Co-Parenting

Their relationship may not have lasted, but these celeb couples are still on the same parenting page, and they've got some great advice for other co-parents out there. From Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's unusual set-up to Jewel's trick for always keeping the peace, these famous exes show that raising kids together can work, even when the relationship doesn't.

Books That Help Explain Divorce to Kids

A great book can help your kids make sense of what's happening -- and the complex emotions they're feeling. Consider one of these for your kiddos.

Easing the Pain of Divorce

Kids of all ages find it painful and confusing when Mom and Dad break up.

How to Talk to Kids About Divorce

How do explain that mommy and daddy are getting a divorce? Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," reveals the sensitive way you can bring up difficult change in family life.

These Are the U.S. Cities With the Highest and Lowest Divorce Rates

A study of the most and least happy cities in America also revealed where in the country you can find the highest and lowest divorce rates.

The Single Parent's Guide to Dating

From finding the time to finding the right person, get seven smart tips from our single parent dating pros.

Are Your Kids a Reason to Stay Married?

The decision about whether to stay in or leave your relationship is important. These six questions can help you decide what to do.

8 Tips for Better Co-Parenting After Divorce

Co-parenting with your ex is often the hardest part of divorce. Here, two experts (both divorced moms themselves) share hard-won advice on creating a strong partnership.

What to Consider When Creating a Custody Agreement

Figuring out the best arrangement for you, your ex and most importantly, your children can be challenging. We help you figure out the right approach.

Mom's Powerful Post Pays Tribute to a Rather Unlikely Person: Her Ex

This ex-couple has co-parenting down to a science, but it didn't come easily. Still, this mom wants other former couples to know, it can happen if they "stop making excuses" and "come together" for their kids.

Staying Friendly with Your Ex

Parents may not want to be married anymore, but for the sake of their kids, they should always be partners.

How to Answer Kids' Questions About Divorce

Your kids will have plenty of questions about this big change in their family life. Here's how to answer them.

A Step-Dad's Role

Explaining to a child that a live-in stepfather isn't the same as a birth parent.

Discipline After Divorce

Here's why setting limits and sticking to them is even more important when you're a single parent.

Explaining Shared Custody to Kids

Get our expert's best tips on how to explain shared custody to kids of any age.

Clashing Parenting Styles

What to do when a stepparent disciplines your children differently than you do.

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