Kids Talk About Loving Their Daddy

Parents asks kids to explain what makes their dad so special and how he expresses his love.


-I love my dad 1,000 percent. -I love my daddy this much. -I love my daddy a lot, lot, lot. -I love my dad times a thousand. -Well, he's just good, and I like him. He's a good dad. -My daddy come from work, he says, "I miss you, dear." -Every time he comes home from work, I always give him a hug. I give him-- give him a hug when he leaves, too. -He wakes me up in the morning. He gives me big hug and kisses. -We have lots of fun. -Since I'm a girl, he doesn't real-- he's not really interested into princess stuff, so I don't play princesses with him. So, we like to color and to play like games. -We draw stuff together. Sometimes, we do chess. -He taught me how to play basketball. -My dad teach how to ride a bike. -Well, he took me shopping for dresses. -Oh, wow. -He makes a sound in the air and acts like a dog to me, like whoo, whoo. -My daddy likes to tickle me. -Because he makes sounds and he makes jokes that are really funny. Like, "Hawoo." Yeah. -He gives me silly, silly jokes. -When I kiss his nose, he says, "Honk, honk." -Well, when he passes gas, it really smells. When we ask him what smells, he says, "I don't know."

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