Want to learn more fostering great relationships between dads and kids? Here are online resources just for fathers.

By the editors of Parents.com
October 05, 2005

Listed below are some places to explore for research on fatherhood, support and advice for dads and dads-to-be, and other useful info.

National Center on Fathering (NCF)

This user-friendly site promises "insight, information and training to help you become a better father." In addition to sections on dad's humor and fathering tips, this site provides statistics on topics related to fathers and work. In its section is a listing of articles and surveys. Especially interesting for working dads: the articles "Tension Faced By Working Fathers" and "Employers Don't Recognize the Strain That Fathers Feel Between the Demands of Family and the Demands of Work".

National Center on Fathers and Families (NCOFF)

This large site from the University of Pennsylvania presents two articles of special interest. "Father's Care: A Review of the Literature" summarizes important research findings on fathers' involvement with their children's care, and includes a section on fathers and work. "Father's Presence Matters: A Review of the Literature" summarizes the current research on the influence of a father's presence on areas such as academic performance and emotional development, and discusses divorce and single-parenting. NCOFF also maintains Father&FamilyLINK, which presents non-technical material selected especially for the general public.

Child Trends

A useful site for families, Child Trends offers a selection of articles giving research and statistical information about fathers. Click "Publications" on the homepage sidebar, then click "Fatherhood" for a listing. Of special interest is "The Meaning of Father Involvement for Children," which describes current thinking about the unique and important roles fathers can play, such as caregiver, role model, and teacher. Most publications are available in PDF format.

US Department of Labor - Employment Standards Administration

This government-sponsored site presents extensive information on the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (PL 103-3), including a test of the act itself as well as a fact sheet and a compliance guide. Go to the main Family and Medical Leave Act page for a full listing of the Department of Labor's resources on the subject of family leave.

National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI)

This site strives to "educate, equip, and engage" fathers. The National Fatherhood Initiative's mission is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers in their lives. Dads can access articles, read a daddy comic, get quarterly Fatherhood Today newsletters, sign up for weekly Dad E-Mails™, do a crossword puzzle with a child, and watch fatherhood public service announcements.

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