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This isn't your father's parenting handbook. Here are the latest trends and current issues that affect you as a dad and how you parent your child.

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Babies Who Look Like Their Dads Are Healthier, Study Says

Bummed that your baby resembles his or her father more than you? Here's the upside: At a year old, children who look like their fathers are healthier than those who look more like their moms.

You Can't Miss This Dad's Hilarious Interview With His 4-Month-Old Daughter

A dad grills his little girl on things like why she puts everything in her mouth, and insists on pooping at the same time as her older sister.

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Dad Deployed Overseas Comes Up With Magical Replacement Date for Daughter's School Dance

This 5-year-old girl's parents found a way to make her daddy-daughter dance magical even while her military dad was stationed overseas.