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This isn't your father's parenting handbook. Here are the latest trends and current issues that affect you as a dad and how you parent your child.

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Social Media Is Divided After Dad Comfort 'Nurses' His 'Confused' Daughter
A dad’s video of his daughter attempting to nurse from him has gone viral on Twitter — and people have something to say.
Babies Who Look Like Their Dads Are Healthier, Study Says
Bummed that your baby resembles his or her father more than you? Here's the upside: At a year old, children who look like their fathers are healthier than those who look more like their moms.
'I Love Them Like My Own': The Father Who Only Takes in Sick Children
I’m a foster dad who takes in only terminally ill children. Why? No one else will. 
'Dear Daughters' Project Encourages Dads to Talk to Daughters About Feminism
We don't always hear fathers' thoughts about feminism...but this husband-and-wife duo is encouraging that important father-daughter conversation.
Dedicated Dad Is Getting a Tattoo Sleeve That's Completely Designed by His Daughters
One California father is working with tattoo artist Jess Koala to create a sleeve made up entirely of his little girls' drawings.
You Can't Miss This Dad's Hilarious Interview With His 4-Month-Old Daughter
A dad grills his little girl on things like why she puts everything in her mouth, and insists on pooping at the same time as her older sister.

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John Legend's Point About Dad Shaming Is Spot-On
Mom-shaming is everywhere these days—but dad-shaming? Not so much. John Legend thinks we need to do something to change that. 

Dad Deployed Overseas Comes Up With Magical Replacement Date for Daughter's School Dance

This 5-year-old girl's parents found a way to make her daddy-daughter dance magical even while her military dad was stationed overseas.