First Time Parent Bobby Moynihan Reveals Delirious, Sleepless Nights Bring about Great Comedy Inspiration

While promoting his new role on Disney Channel's "Star Wars Resistance," Moynihan got candid about his first year as a father. 

You may know him best as the hilarious Drunk Uncle from “Saturday Night Live” seasons pasts, but comedian Bobby Moynihan’s latest role as Orka in Disney Channel’s new animated series “Star Wars Resistance” is more than fitting for the new father and longtime lover of the sci-fi franchise. Moynihan welcomed his first child, a little girl, back in July of 2017 and despite the drastic career change he hasn’t lost any of his quick wit or humor.

While promoting his animated character, a smooth-talking co-owner of the acquisition store Flix and Orka's Station, we couldn’t help but hear Moynihan’s hilarious take on his first year of fatherhood with a round of’s favorite tell-all game, Parenting Truths. Luckily, the sleepless nights seem to be inspiring his comedic ways rather than hindering them.

He is discovering that sleep deprivation makes for a good comedic mindset.

I have gained comedy inspiration from my own life as a father, but more I think just from being delirious in the middle of the night and coming up with odd ideas I would never come up with.

He turns to some of his famous co-stars for parenting advice.

I have taken parenting advice from a castmate, I was on a show called “Me, Myself, & I” for 13 seconds with a man names Jaleel White and he is a great father and would give me lots of amazing parenting advice and also Keenan Thompson on "Saturday Night Live." I don’t know if you have ever heard of him—I talk to him a lot. I text him a lot in the middle of the night and go, what do I do?

He insists his daughter is funnier than him.

I have felt that my daughter is funnier than me. She is funnier than me. She can’t speak too, so I assume that’s pretty good if you can’t speak and you’re that funny.

He admits that parenting can get a little messy.

I have never gone to work or on stage with a kid-related stain on my outfit, but in regular life I have. I was at a Starbucks ordering something, and I just looked down and had a perfect little piece of macaroni and cheese—a shell—with a pea stuck in it.

His daughter is a tough critic, but he always manages to make her laugh.

I don’t think I have ever been unable to make my daughter laugh—and she is a hard laugh. I don’t think I have, no. She’s the best; she laughs at everything. She likes being scared, the more you scare her she laughs harder. We scared her once by accident and now [she] wants more and more of it.

In some ways, his acting career prepared him for fatherhood.

My improv experience has helped me to be a better dad because you have to think on your feet and just keep going and just say, yes honey and now we are going to the playground.

"Star Wars Resistance" takes flight with a one-hour premiere on Sunday, October 7 (10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

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