While promoting his role as Hype Fazon the Rodian pilot in Disney's new animated 'Star Wars' series, Donald Faison came clean about life as a father-of-six.

By Lauren Pardee
October 02, 2018

Actor Donald Faison is no stranger to starring in some iconic roles, from his beloved sitcom “Scrubs” to major movie titles like Clueless, Skyline, and Remembering the Titans. That is why when Faison joined the cast of Disney Channel’s latest animated sci-fi series “Star Wars Resistance” it came as no surprise that the title of his character, Hype Fazon, was actually inspired by his own name according to nerdist.com. As it turns out, Faison was the only choice for the role of the Rodian pilot.

Off-screen, Faison is also the leading man in his large family with larger-than-life personalities. The proud father even hinted that his 6 kids (Sean, 21, Kaya, 19, Dade, 19 Kobe, 17, Rocco, 5, Wilder, 3) would make for great reality TV while playing a fun round of Parenting Truths. That wasn’t the only thing he disclosed during his turn in the confessional hot seat. Let’s just say his kids have no interest in studying their dad's most popular titles, for starters.

Role-playing and staying in character while parenting isn’t Faison’s style.

I have never decided to play a character while parenting my kids because they won’t take me seriously and they’ll think I am joking around.

He doesn’t recommend bringing your kids to work with you.

I have brought my kids to work with me then learned that I will never bring my kids to work with me ever again. What happened when I brought my kids to work with me? Let’s just say I didn’t get a lot of work done.

He believes his family would be reality TV gold.

I have considered doing a reality TV show about my family, I think we are very interesting, the only problem is I don’t want you to see how interesting we really are.

You won’t find re-runs of “Scrubs” playing in his house.

I have never watched re-runs of Scrubs with my kids. I tried to watch re-runs of Scrubs with my kids and they were not interested.

An acting lesson from Faison is more comical than educational.

I have given my kids acting lessons, but it was in the form of playing Star Wars and I told them that his line was, “No, I am your father.”

He is guilty of dodging those tough parenting questions.

I always tell my kids to ask mom to get out of tough questions.

"Star Wars Resistance" takes flight with a one-hour premiere on Sunday, October 7 (10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.