A photo of the father with his sign at a Cleveland Cavaliers game is going viral. 

Failing grade test
Credit: ColorBlindImages/Getty Images

Looks like Friday night's Cleveland Cavaliers game is making headlines for reasons unrelated to basketball! A dad in the crowd held up a sign for his son, which is now catching national attention.

Here's the viral pic, which was posted on Reddit with the title “Dad of the year candidate at the Cavs vs. Hornets game.

Judging from the sign, the father was hoping to bring his son along with him to the game, but because he's not doing well in school, the kid had no choice but to stay home. Sure, you could call it public shaming or humiliation or tough love for the dad to put his message on display for the masses. On the other hand, a move like this could be what drives the kid to shape up at school. (You've gotta admit: That teary emoji is a heartstring-pulling touch!)

Also, the fact that the dad wrote, "get your grades back up," makes it seem like he has a solid vote of confidence in his child. He's gotten good grades before, so he can do it again! And then he can reclaim his seat, next to his father, at a Cavs game!