The Force is strong with this dad whose one-of-a-kind pieces are truly stunning. 

By Lauren Pardee
February 26, 2018

For 8-month-old baby Ellis, playtime isn't limited to this galaxy. Thanks to his incredibly talented designer and builder dad, Matt Regonini, Ellis is the proud owner of custom-made, Star Wars-inspired baby furniture—and we are blown away by his work.

Regonini, who works as a brand experience designer for Converse, loves spending what little free time he has as a new father on crafting wooden pieces for his friends and family. After the idea of a Star Wars AT-ST rocking chair came to his mind, Regonini knew he was onto something.

According to Babble, after the intricate rocking chair came to fruition, a friend of Regonini’s suggested creating a high chair to match—and of course, the results are equally stunning.

For those tenacious enough to recreate these beautiful designs, you can check out Regonini’s YouTube page to see how the master pulled it off. Don’t expect to complete the project in a weekend like Regonini did unless you're just as qualified to do the job—after woodworking with his family since childhood, he is just that good.

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Seems to me like Ellis is a true Jedi in the making thanks to his amazing dad. We can’t wait to see what other remarkable pieces Regonini creates—here's to hoping he decides to sell these masterpieces to the public!


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