Dad-to-Be Confessions: 10 Things He's Thinking Right Now

Here's what your guy might be secretly thinking about during your pregnancy.

Dads-to-be think the wildest things. We know because we asked around. Chances are, moms-to-be, your guy is thinking something similar to what was on these guys' minds.

"With our first baby, my wife had horrible morning sickness for the first couple of months, to the point of her always needing to keep a container next to her, just in case. And of course, her pregnant appetite was still there, but if she ate something and it made her sick, she didn't want to eat anything similar any time soon. I was constantly going back and forth to the store, trying to find something, anything, that she would like and could eat and keep down. Her morning sickness got to be so commonplace that she could lean over and puke, and it didn't even phase me. The only things that kept me going were that I loved my wife so much I would do anything for her, and the other was the thought that 'It surely can't last forever, and we'll end up with a beautiful baby at the end of it.' And it was true -- by the middle of her pregnancy, her nausea and morning sickness were mostly gone, the rest of her pregnancy went smoothly, and we ended up having a healthy baby girl." -- Derek Markham

"When Rachel got pregnant with our second child, Natalie, I totally bugged out about money but then realized that it was worth having another child even though we might go broke. If worse came to worst, I could survive on peanuts, peas, and an occasional Three Musketeers Bar." -- Matthew Lippman

"Will my wife have any time for me once the baby is born? Am I actually jealous of my unborn child?" -- Charles Cohen

"With all of the mood swings, odd eating choices, and morning sickness, my wife became a not-so-pleasant person to live with when she was pregnant. I longed for the day when the person I fell in love with would return. Thankfully, she eventually did. I also worried a lot about whether I would be a good father. It was our first child, so I had no previous child-raising experience. I read a few books on the topic and that helped to an extent, but I also decided that I would rely on my own good instincts in order to be a good dad. My parents didn't have much in the way of self-help books for parenting, and they did just fine." -- David Bakke

"Does she resent me for getting a solid night's rest?"-- Collin Price

"When my wife was pregnant with our first daughter, it was like walking on eggshells with everything. Sex was especially traumatic. Her sex drive was increasing because of all of the hormones and I was becoming more and more 'tentative' to say the least. I was concerned that my man parts would somehow harm the baby or hit it in the head. I remember feeling like there was a third party involved, as if someone was watching. It's every guy's fantasy to have a threesome but definitely not with his unborn child." -- Jason Mayo

"During my wife's first pregnancy I was in total awe of the whole process. And also pretty freaked out. So I was always extra careful and sensitive to her experience. I can't pinpoint what changed, but this second time around, it seems more routine. Special, but not unfamiliar. In her first pregnancy, I found her increased flatulence kind of funny -- but now I'm less amused. Sure it's unavoidable, but when it happens I find myself asking whether I should call it out or let it go. What's the etiquette? The pregnancy books don't tell you; they just chalk it up to 'hormones.'" -- Daniel P.

"I started worrying that my daughter-to-be would someday apply to a college that costs more than I earn." -- Ben Turkel

"We skipped condoms during pregnancy, and after the event, while watching some television, I got into a giggle fit because I had imagined the baby inside being hit with sperm and angrily swatting it away as it floated around him. I have the worst imagination, and my wife had presumed me insane since I refused to explain why I was laughing." -- Jeremy

"People are always extra nice to pregnant women, so I hoped to coast on some of that charity in public. Unfortunately, the man with the pregnant lady gets the door just opened for her slammed in his face. At best invisible, at worst a Sherpa." -- Rob Kutner

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