How to Announce You're a Dad-to-Be

We've rounded up six ways to share the news.

Singing telegrams and pastel cigars not for you? Naturally, you want to announce your impending fatherhood with style, but maybe you're just not sure how. Worry not, dad-to-be: Below you'll find six great ways you can share this message with the important people in your life.

1. Keep it all business. One of the trickiest aspects of making your big announcement is telling the boss. You might be tempted to slip a PowerPoint slide with a picture of a stork into your next presentation, but, yeah. That probably won't go over so well. Instead, ask for a 10-minute meeting with her on a not-too-busy day. Telling your boss that you're growing your family might be exciting if you two are close, but even if you are friendly outside of work, there will be some pretty big work-related issues to work out -- like taking time off for prenatal appointments (that anatomy scan is a must!) and whether or not you get paternity leave. And if you're not ready for other coworkers to know your news, make sure to tell her that upfront.

2. Rock the mic. What better way to share the good news than getting really hammered with your friends and belting out the message in song. We're talking about a Karaoke confession, dad-to-be. All you need is the right crowd, access to booze, and a karaoke machine. No, you don't have to search the songbook for a tune about being a dad -- maybe just change some lyrics of your go-to karaoke favorites. Love Bon Jovi? Think, "Ooooh, we're half way ma-aad, Ooooh, I'm gonna be a da-aad!"

3. Visualize. Why not use some visual storytelling to get your point across? A YouTube cameo or a quickie on Vine might be the thing, or maybe create a GoAnimate! cartoon or a Pixton comic strip--both of which are fun and free ways to tell a narrative. For you number dudes, an infographic might also work. Check out Piktochart.

4. Stage a reverse intervention. It may be that you're the first of your friends to have a kid. Your pals might be nervous at the prospect of losing all their guy time with you to a little baby. If this is the case, I'd suggest taking the announcement offline. Head to a bar, the ball game, a bowling alley, wherever--buy everyone a brew and tell them there. The bonding thing will show them that you're still committed to your friendship.

5. Game on. For all the game lovers out there: At your next gathering of family/friends, suggest you play charades. Wait a few rounds, dad-to-be, and when it comes to your turn, mime holding and rocking a baby, then point at yourself and your partner until someone shouts out your news as the answer!

6. Shout it from the rooftops (or the scoreboard). If you like to make bold gestures, you might want to see about making the announcement in a big way--by getting it onto scoreboard at your local minor-league team's game. It's a moment no one will forget, but make sure to have that camera ready to take a snap. It'll be a perfect cover for your babe's photo album.

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