Advice for Dads

Hear what dads have to say about being a parent and find out what kind of advice experienced dads think the new recruits need to know.

Mom to Dads Everywhere: 'Take the Damn Photo!'

This blogger mom calls out the importance of parents photographing candid moments of their partners with their kids.

An Open Letter to You, Dad-to-Be

Don't stress, dad-to-be! Here are some tips to start off fatherhood right.

7 Must-Reads for Dads-to-Be

Navigating pregnancy and the earliest weeks of fatherhood can be nerve-racking and confusing for even the most excited father-to-be. Here are a few books that can help make the journey a bit easier to manage.

7 Ways Life Changes When You Become a Dad

You're counting down the days until you become a dad--the moment your life changes forever. Here are seven changes you can expect as you embark into fatherhood.

10 Ways To Be a Great Dad

Fearing how you'll do with this fatherhood thing? One dad gives advice on how to put your all into being a dad.

12 Reasons Fathers Might Not Want to Spend More Time with Their Children

Being a great dad doesn't come naturally to everyone.

Baby Dove #RealDads Campaign Reminds Fathers to Trust Their Way of Parenting

The inspiring new campaign from Dove features real dads and encourages fathers everywhere to embrace their own way of parenting.

What Dads (and Moms!) Need to Know About Vasectomies

Done having kids? Thinking about permanent birth control? Here's what you should know about vasectomies.

Eight Ways Dad-to-Be Can Bond with Baby Now

Get acquainted with your little guy before he's born.

Your Ultimate Dad-to-Be Cheat Sheet

Get the 101 on how to be a dad before the baby comes.

Why Fathers Should Spend Time with Their Kids

It can be tough to carve out the time. Do it anyway!

Quiz: Should He Be a Stay-at-Home Dad?

Does your partner have what it takes to be a stay-at-home dad? Take our quiz to find out.

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5 Things NOT to Say to a Stay-at-Home Dad

These five common things that people say to stay-at-home dads leave everyone feeling awkward.

9 Things to Do on Sunday to Make Parenting Easier All Week

Make each week a breeze (well, okay, a little less hectic) with these smart Sunday prep tips.

Dad-to-Be Confessions: 10 Things He's Thinking Right Now

Here's what your guy might be secretly thinking about during your pregnancy.

How to Announce You're a Dad-to-Be

We've rounded up six ways to share the news.

7 Ways to Be an Awesome New Dad

As you embark on the new adventure of fatherhood, follow your instincts and our seven tips and you'll be on your way to awesome status in your kid's eyes.

5 Things This Dad Wants to Teach His Daughter

Every father-daughter relationship is different and special, but what this dad aims to teach his own young daughter may resonate with you.

The Best Part of Being a Father

These dads would argue that every day is Father's Day when they get to spend time with their kids. Here are their favorite moments.

The Health Benefits of Fatherhood

Today's dad is more involved with his children--and he's seeing physical and psychological advantages of being a family man.

Why Do We Praise Dads for Just Being Dads?

We dads routinely get praised for things moms are expected to do every day. Shouldn't we be held to the same standard?

The Best Books for Dads

These useful books and reflective memoirs can help guide dads through parenthood.

NASCAR Driver Kyle Larson on the Pace of Life as a New Dad

For many parents, life sometimes feels like it's flying by at 200 miles per hour. For NASCAR star and new dad Kyle Larson, it often actually is. Here's what has surprised him about parenthood--and how he feels about his son getting into stock car racing.

You Know You're a Dad When...

Signs that you've crossed the line from manhood to fatherhood.

Dads, These Ingenious Parenting Hacks Will Rock Your World

From how to open plastic toy packaging to how to "push" kids on the swings remotely, these dad hacks from the moms of What's Up Moms are #genius.

American Baby's Best Dad Ever Contest Winners

What makes a great dad? Read about these five amazing fathers -- and see how your guy stacks up.