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Hear what dads have to say about being a parent and find out what kind of advice experienced dads think the new recruits need to know.

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Project Mental (Un)Load: We Need to Talk About the Unspoken Burdens of Parenthood
It's a known fact that parenting isn't easy, but we don't talk enough about how the burdens of parenthood impact all communities differently. wants to start a new dialogue about motherhood and fatherhood to get the change we need to thrive as parents.
Three Latino Dads on Why Fathers Need Better Community
Mom isn’t the only one who needs pals. Here’s how three dads are navigating fatherhood with a little help from their friends.
I'm a Dad But My Toddler Calls Me 'Mama', and That's OK
When my 2-year-old says "Mama," he can either be calling for my wife or me. I was confused by it at first, but now I know it really makes no difference.
I'm a Stay-at-Home Dad Trying To Get Back Into the Workforce and I See Why Moms Say It's So Hard
I decided to look for a job after five years of being at home with my son. Six months later, I'm still looking.
How to #DanceLikeaDad: New PSA Promotes Quality Dad Time
A new Ad Council PSA encourages dads to bond with their kids by getting the family on their feet to #DanceLikeaDad.
Free Expert Advice for New Dads Who May Need Some
Am I going to be able to afford a baby? And when can we have sex again? This dad went to the pros to get some answers to the questions new fathers ask most.

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For Dads, Gillette's Latest Campaign Points to Challenges of Raising a Son
While the brand tries to take on masculinity in the #MeToo era, one dad says it's up to parents, especially fathers, to continue this conversation in a way that prepares boys to be responsible adults.

Dad Blogger Gets Honest About Envying His Son's Closeness With His Wife

Dads aren't speaking out about this common parenting emotion, but maybe they should, according to one father.