Hilarious Kid Bloopers that Make Us Happy We're Parents

Kid Bloopers
One of the best parts of being a parent? Getting to witness all of your kid's embarrassing moments. Lucky for us, these proud moms and dads caught their babies' flubs on film.

"Caught in the act putting on Mommy's makeup. Not too shabby for her first go at eye makeup!"

"Aiden loves to try on his new hats and clothes, but every time we want to take a picture he crosses his eyes."

"Big sister Cambel was posing so nicely for pictures with her little sister, Cassidy, in the tall grass when little sister, who's going through a biting phase, decided to plant one on her unsuspecting sis! Poor big sister didn't even see it coming and neither did I."

"While packing a box to ship, I left the room for tape. When I returned, this is what I found."

"Baby girl discovers her toes for the first time."

"Our daughter tumbled over while we were taking her first snow outing pictures. She was fine but the look on her face was priceless."

"Kaitlyn was enjoying the waves at the beach in Florida. One was too strong and knocked her down. She got right back up and kept on going. As you can see, my 8-year-old thought it was hilarious."

"This was taken when I was playing with him while his mom was away. I was trying to brush his hair and told him how wild it was -- then he laughed this wild laugh."

"Cruz had a bubble on his long eyelashes and he wasn't nearly as excited about it as I was!"

"Elijah was caught red-handed in his diaper and play seat!"

"She was visibly upset Mommy didn't choose to wear the glittery spring shoes in February."

"He found out that he was more powerful than he knew."

"Aubree loves to play in Rollie's dishes. Rollie doesn't share in her excitement."

"She was chewing on her teddy blanket and somehow I was able to capture this amazing look."

"She loves to walk in others' shoes but these boots presented a new challenge. It was funny to watch her trying to walk in boots as tall as her legs."

"I don't always fall asleep on my sandwich, but when I do it's after preschool."

"Callie Jane was splashing away when she slipped under all those bubbles. She popped back up in a hurry, and made this 'So, no one saw that, right?' face."

"I turned my back for 30 seconds, and look what happened. At least she chose her face and not the walls this time."

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