See what's getting the star -- and her husband, Nick Lachey -- through their second pregnancy

By Interview by Patty Adams Martinez
November 12, 2014
Justin Coit


I want cake! I have cravings for sweets right now, but not just for any piece of candy or dessert. I want a big piece of fluffy cake along with a glass of milk!

Surprise Gender Reveal

This was my gender reveal to Nick! I wrote "It's a girl" on the same beach where I told Nick that I was pregnant with baby Camden.


Nick sings to my bump. He did that with Camden, and it became Nick Lachey: A Father's Lullaby. I tell him he'll have to make an album for our girl too! We'll see!


A Baby Sprinkle

I had a sprinkle. I didn't want to have a shower because we have everything we could possibly need. But my best friends talked me into having a fun girls-only gathering.

A Stroller for Two

We're gearing up for two. I've gotten the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Double Stroller. It's an all-terrain and it fits through a standard doorway.

J Crew

New Clothes

Baby clothes are irresistible. I've done a bunch of online browsing. I adore Zara "mini" and Crew Cuts for my baby girl.

Originally published in the December/January 2015 issue of American Baby magazine.

American Baby


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