Celeb Mom Q&A: Tina Fey

We recently snagged the busiest mom in showbiz to chat about starring in a new Sesame Street DVD, running a hit show (30 Rock), and raising 3-year-old Alice.

What made you want to do Elmo and the Bookaneers?

Having grown up watching the show, you don't think twice. If they call and ask if you want to be on Sesame Street, you're just like "Absolutely! When and where?" I was excited when I heard I was going to be with Elmo, because Elmo's a rock star! And when I got to the set I found out what a juicy part I had -- a pirate captain. Just the coolest.

Do you watch the show with your daughter?

We do sometimes, but we've actually tried to cut out morning-time TV because it makes her a bit antsy. She definitely knows the characters, though.

Does she have a favorite?

She, like most children, is in love with Elmo. And she also likes Murray.

Did she go to the Sesame Street set with you?

She did, and she met Elmo and Oscar, though she was less than 2 at the time and a little scared of Oscar -- but she got her photo taken inside his trash can.

The DVD focuses on reading. What books do you two read?

We've been reading Little Bear books -- he's sweet. And my old Babar books from when I was a kid. But the number-one story in our household is Peter Pan.

Which Sesame Street character would you want to guest-star on 30 Rock?

Grover because he's my favorite. I feel like he'd blend in pretty easily in the 30 Rock world. He could be another confused page like Kenneth.

Do you take your daughter to work?

I try to take her once a week after preschool. Both my husband and I work here, so it's nice that she gets to see us. Just recently, she started to sit on the set and yell "action" and "cut."

Does she have any idea that Mommy is famous?

She's starting to, and I'm trying to figure out how to downplay it. I want her to know that to be famous is not really important and not a sign of any kind of merit. But I do like her coming on the set and seeing how different jobs work and that people have different roles in making the show.

We think that you're hilarious. Does your daughter think you're funny?

I think she thinks that Daddy is funnier. And she's right. She also knows that it's good to be funny.

Originally published in the May 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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