Ahead of Sunday's premiere of Comedy Central's Call Your Mother documentary special, comedian and mom of twins, Tig Notaro, shares her family's funny moments and Mother's Day plans.

By Jessica Hartshorn
May 08, 2020
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

This Mother’s Day, Comedy Central debuts Call Your Mother, a comedy documentary that shows comedians with their moms—David Spade having a joke criticized by his mother, Bridget Everett’s mother acting as inappropriate as her daughter, and Kristen Schaal and her mom shopping together. It's produced by Caroline Hirsch, the owner of Broadway’s comedy club Caroline’s and the founder of the New York Comedy Festival.

It also features comedians whose mothers have passed on, including Tig Notaro, who is now a mom of twin 3-year-old boys with her wife, Stephanie Allynne. In Call Your Mother, Notaro reveals that she, like apparently every comedian ever, got her sense of humor from her mom. And truly, life at the Notaro house sounds fun. “We’re actually having a good time during the pandemic,” says Notaro. “It would be nice to go somewhere else, but we’re doing fine.”

Notaro shares some behind the scene moments from her family life that will help you find the humor and joy in your own home.

1. Notaro Has a Character Called Disgusting Bunny

“Lately, to make them laugh, I do this character called Disgusting Bunny that was born out of discussing the Easter Bunny. I told them that possibly Disgusting Bunny would come by. The other thing I do is I say, ‘I have to tell you a secret!’ and they come up cautiously and giggling because they know I will whisper-tickle their ear. Also, our house has turned into a zoo during the pandemic. So when they jump from the coffee table to the couch they love it when I make sound effects for them being airborne and then landing.”

2. PAW Patrol is a Laugh Riot–For Some

“My kids are not necessarily funny on purpose, but our son Finn loves PAW Patrol. I’ve never seen a person laughing so hard in my life as he laughs. We have an L-shaped couch, and he bounces on it the entire time he’s watching, from one end to the other end and back again, squealing with joy. Honestly, maybe it’s the first sign that he has a terrible sense of humor. Stephanie and I are like, this is not funny. I don’t know what he’s seeing that we aren’t seeing. And our other son, Max, if you ask him, ‘do you love PAW Patrol?’ he’s like, ‘yeah.’ But something else is happening with Finn.”

3. She’s Not Sure Why People Scare Expectant Parents

“Although people have the best intentions, it’s like they find it enjoyable to tell you how hard or bad it will be. I find that so interesting. I’d say we’re having twins and they’d say, ‘Don’t plan on getting sleep anytime soon.’ Even when things got hard, I still looked back and wondered, why do people like to come in from that angle? Rather than a presentation of, ‘Yeah, you don’t get a lot of sleep, but it’s a blip in your lifetime, and you’ll get through it.’ It’s more helpful to someone’s peace of mind to say, ‘Yes, there are hard parts of every age, but there are incredible parts of every age.”

4. She's Ready for Mother’s Day

“The day is one big celebration of my mother, Stephanie, myself—it’s kind of all of that. Last year we took the boys to the beach. This year, we’re going to try and have dinner as a family. We don’t really sit down at the table and all eat together because they’re 3, and have their own tiny table, but this year Stephanie suggested we will all sit together at the big table and see how that goes.”


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