The 10 Most Memorable Mommy Moments of 2013

From Kate Middleton's nontraditional birth plan to the woman who delivered her own baby, here are nine unforgettable mom stories from this year.

One Boston Marathon Bombing Woman Discovers Her Miracle Baby

Caroline Reinsch and her boyfriend, Christian Williams, had been trying to conceive for almost a year when tragedy struck at the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line. The couple was cheering on a friend who was running the race when one of the two blasts went off. It put a hole through Reinsch's quad muscle and shredded her boyfriend's hands and legs. After the explosions, Williams and Reinsch were rushed off to different hospitals, where they underwent surgery for their severe injuries. During her exam, the doctor asked Reinsch if there was a chance she might be pregnant. Because the couple had been trying for several months to no avail, she answered, "Possibly. But probably not." Fast forward 16 days later: Reinsch took a pregnancy test in the hospital where her boyfriend was still undergoing treatment. It was positive. The happy couple shared the big news with their families on Father's Day.

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William introduce their new baby boy
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Kate Middleton Breaks Royal Birth Tradition

When Prince Charles was born in 1948, his father, Prince Phillip, was playing squash. In 1984, when Prince William was born, Prince Charles was playing polo. But in 2013, when Prince George was born, Prince William broke tradition by staying by the side of the Duchess of Cambridge. This wasn't the last time the new mom and dad put their own spin on rituals this past year. The pair personalized their first family photos by having Kate's father take them outdoors in a natural setting, along with their dog. And for Prince George's christening, Kate and Will broke with tradition by choosing a different place (St. James's Palace, where Princess Diana's body lay before she was buried), appointing mostly non-royal godparents, and selecting a fashion photographer for portraits.

More Moms Are Bringing Home the Bacon

A study released in late May by the Pew Research Center revealed that moms are making more money than dads in nearly one quarter of American households, making it the most in history. In homes where mothers brought home a bigger paycheck than fathers, the median income was $2,000 more than homes where the father was the breadwinner. The study also found that moms serve as the major or only source of income in 40 percent of all households with kids under 18. Although it's exciting to see women catching up to men on the payroll, a majority of single mothers, especially those who never married, are still living near the poverty line, according to the study.

Beyonce hair

Beyonce Gets a Mom Haircut

There was no official explanation from Team Beyonce when the singer and actress extraordinaire posted pictures of her dramatic pixie cut on Instagram in early August--or her new bob a week later. But it's possible that the makeover was sparked by her fairly new role as Blue Ivy's mom and her hectic world tour schedule. It's hard enough chasing a toddler around at home but doing so while globe-trotting has to be even tougher. Like many moms, Beyonce may have wanted to squeeze a few more minutes into her day by cutting the time it takes to do her hair.

A Connecticut Mom Delivers Her Own Baby at Home

At 5 a.m., Erica Bovino called her husband to tell him she was in labor, five days before her due date. She told him not to rush home from his overnight police shift, as her first baby was delivered after 30 hours of labor. Twenty minutes later, her water broke. Knowing that it was a 40-minute drive to the hospital, Bovino realized she would have to DIY her delivery. While her 3-year-old son was fast asleep, Bovino went into the bathroom and relied on breathing techniques to give birth to a healthy baby girl, Stella.

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon

Michelle Obama Mom Dances With Jimmy Fallon

To promote her "Let's Move" fitness and healthy eating campaign, Michelle Obama joined Jimmy Fallon in February on his late-night talk show and showed off her mom dancing skills. Fallon and the first lady spoofed the "Evolution of Dance" YouTube hit and performed the "Evolution of Mom Dancing." From the classic "go shopping, get groceries" move to the "just the hand part of 'Single Ladies'" the pair broke down epic moves that have been embarrassing kids for years.

A Texan Mom Has Two Sets of Twins Sans Fertility Drugs

The birth of Blaine, Ace, Cash, and Dylan on Valentine's Day was a 1 in 70 million occurrence. That's 100 times more unlikely than the chances of being struck by lightning. The babies' parents, Tressa and Manuel Montalvo, learned that they were having twins when Tressa was 10 weeks along. Two weeks later, the Texas couple--who also have a 2-year-old--found out they were actually having two sets of twins, which is extremely rare in a conception without fertility drugs. Manuel later told reporters that even with five boys, he'd still like to try for a girl, though Tressa isn't so sure yet. Shockingly, four months later, an Ohio couple also hit the twin jackpot without fertility drugs: Lindsay Lowrie and her boyfriend, Kenny Carr, welcomed their two sets of twins--Kenneth, Colton, Griffin, and Bentley--in June.

Angelina Jolie
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Angelina Jolie Reveals Her Double Mastectomy

In May, Angelina Jolie publicly shared that she underwent several surgeries for a double mastectomy. In an op-ed piece for The New York Times, Jolie explained that her decision was based on finding out she carried the BRCA1 gene, which dramatically increases a person's risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The actress said she didn't want her kids to worry that the disease responsible for her own mother's death would take her, too. Though she was able to keep the news of her procedures quiet during the three-month process, Jolie said she wanted to tell of her journey to bring awareness to breast cancer prevention so that other women could be encouraged by her experience and decision.

A Nevada Mom Helps Keep Her Family Safe While Stranded in the Mountains

In early December, Christina McIntee and her boyfriend, James Glanton, set out for the mountains of northwest Nevada to play in the snow with their two kids and their niece and nephew (age 3 to 10 years old). As the group drove down a dirt road, their Jeep rolled onto its side, down an embankment, and into a crevice. While McIntee and Glanton waited for search and rescue, temperatures dropped to about 21?F below zero. For two days, the group survived the freezing cold by keeping rocks heated by a campfire in their overturned car. After a 200-person search, the family was discovered by a volunteer scanning the mountainside with binoculars. Miraculously, the family of six were in stable condition, with no sign of frostbite.

One Mom Gives Birth While Oklahoma Tornado Rages

During the height of the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, in late May, Shayla Taylor was at the hospital with her husband and their 4-year-old son. She was 9 cm dilated and about to give birth. As the tornado shook the floor and rocked tiles loose from the ceiling, nurses gave Taylor a shot to slow her labor. After the tornado passed, hospital workers carried Taylor through the debris and into an ambulance that rushed her to another hospital five miles away. Three hours later, the family welcomed a healthy baby boy (Braeden Immanuel, whose middle name means 'God is with us') via a C-section.

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