The proud father-of-two says it's all about choosing good music and using parallel parking assistance. 

By Lauren Pardee
January 16, 2019

If you've ever dreamed of joining the Fab 5 as they drive through rural Georgia on the way to meet their next client on Netflix's 'Queer Eye,' we're right there with you. So when Karamo Brown offered to drive us around New York City, we called shot-gun.

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing Brown's very unique story of becoming a father on, so we couldn’t wait to sit next to him in his 2019 Ford Edge [he is currently partnering with Ford] and start our road trip across the neighborhood of SoHo. It turns out this was Brown's first time driving in the Big Apple, so when I got in the passenger seat, I buckled my seatbelt and prepared to hold on. This family man is a natural behind the wheel—he loves going on long road trips to spend quality time with his family. With that being said, he couldn’t help but boast about Ford’s new Co-Pilot360 feature that offers driving assistance technology like never before.

Karamo Brown Ford Partnership
Credit: Courtesy of Karamo Brown

“We are Ford drivers in my house anyway, which is a good thing, so it wasn't like partnering with another car company that I have never driven before,” Brown explained. “We drive [Fords] because I'm 6'2'', my sons are 6'3'' and 6'5'', and then my fiancé is 5'10''. We need a lot of space and as you can see there is a ton of space.”

Karamo took the liberty of driving me around the block while explaining how much he values the car’s ability to alleviate some of the stress that comes with traveling. “With the new controls of this car, I just needed something that was going to allow me to decompress, relax, and literally not have all the anxiety,” he told said.

The Texas-raised driver and now LA local is used to wide open roads, not so much the congestion of NYC. He admitted the LA traffic can be brutal, but navigating SoHo was the perfect proof this car’s technology does wonders when exploring unfamiliar environments.

“Here as you can see, with driver assist you just turn it on and it is literally going to drive and slow down on its own,” Brown explained while allowing the car to take partial control on a straightaway. “I'm not even driving us around town, the car is driving us around town. I mean it’s just driver assist—you still have to keep your eyes on the road and make sure you are paying attention. But it's so easy. It's especially ideal in this city for [the Ford] to slow down, speed up, and watch for pedestrians and other cars."

Karamo Brown in Ford car
Credit: Courtesy of Ford

With a full tutorial on how Brown planned to make his holiday travel a breeze, we talked road trip essential logistics. As he drove and I road shut-gun, we had our own little Fab 5 moment as he told me his non-negotiables when hitting the open road.

“Definitely good music, that is key. I am a big lover of music, so I need to go from some hip-hop to some Christmas songs, to a little rock and roll, and alternative rock. I'm not a big country fan even though Carrie Underwood is amazing and Taylor Swift, but she is more pop. So good music, I always have snacks, too. Snacks on a road trip are imperative,” he said.

As for his ideal road trip crew, besides his family, Brown couldn’t help but boast about memories with the official Fab 5 members.

“I'll tell you that I've been on a road trip with some of the guys in the Fab 5 and it was probably one of the best times I've had ever. It's surprising we don't get annoyed by each other.”

As if Brown hadn’t shared enough insider scoop with us during our cruise, he did spill the tea that Bobby Berk, the show’s token interior design expert, is always coined the back-seat driver. Either way, we’d love to hop in on their ride—as long as we could rely on Ford’s handy parallel park assist feature for pitstops.