Q&A with Joey Fatone

The former boy-bander is all grown up -- and dishing about dieting, his oops! moment onstage, and touring with a kid in tow.
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When he referred to himself as Joey "Fat One" on Dancing with the Stars, we developed a bit of a soft spot for Joey Fatone, the prematurely manly *N Sync-er turned family guy. Fatone parlayed his self-deprecating personality and mad dance skills into a second-place finish on DWTS. Now he's the host of NBC's karaoke competition, The Singing Bee. When he's not working in Hollywood, the New York-born Fatone still lives in Orlando (less paparazzi) with his wife Kelly and daughter Brianna. We recently chatted him up at an NBC party.

Parents.com: You toured this summer with Dancing with the Stars -- we're huge fans, by the way. How did it compare to doing the TV show?

JF: It's not as much work. We were rehearsing five to six hours a day for TV, but on tour it's only the show at night for an hour and a half, two hours. And I didn't have to learn a new dance every time. My daughter and my wife came with me on the road -- my daughter loves the tour bus. When she was younger it was difficult to travel but now that she's older -- she's 6 -- it's a lot easier. You put a DVD in front of her on the plane and she's good to go.

Parents.com: Is she into singing and dancing?

JF: She loves to sing, she loves to dance. She has a great ear -- she's on key. She has a karaoke machine and does the High School Musical stuff right now.

Parents.com: You're looking good! We heard you lost 20 pounds. Was it the dancing?

JF: That and NutriSystem. Then I went on a cruise and I think I ate the whole ship. But I'm going to get back onto it and hopefully start working out. I eat smaller meals now, and when you're being energetic and running around your metabolism speeds up.

Parents.com: What did Dancing with the Stars do for you?

JF: It was a great kick in the butt for me. I thought it would be a great opportunity to come out, have fun, and jump-start my career, and it did. I was happy to be in second place.

Parents.com: And you were still a fan favorite.

JF: I'm an everyday person. From experiences with *N Sync and seeing how fake some people are in the industry, I'm not going to be like that. What you see is what you get.

Parents.com: Are you having fun hosting The Singing Bee?

JF: Yes. It's exciting for me to be able to get a chance to be myself and to have fun. I love entertaining people so it's a great opportunity.

Parents.com: Which song has the hardest lyrics?

JF: Probably "American Pie" -- that's a long song. Or "We Didn't Start the Fire," or REM's "It's the End of the World."

Parents.com: Have you ever forgotten your lyrics?

JF: I went completely blank one time right on stage doing Rent. Everyone has a brain fart every once in a while.

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