The former boy-bander is all grown up -- and dishing about dieting, his oops! moment onstage, and touring with a kid in tow.
Joey Fatone
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When he referred to himself as Joey "Fat One" on Dancing with the Stars, we developed a bit of a soft spot for Joey Fatone, the prematurely manly *N Sync-er turned family guy. Fatone parlayed his self-deprecating personality and mad dance skills into a second-place finish on DWTS. Now he's the host of NBC's karaoke competition, The Singing Bee. When he's not working in Hollywood, the New York-born Fatone still lives in Orlando (less paparazzi) with his wife Kelly and daughter Brianna. We recently chatted him up at an NBC party. You toured this summer with Dancing with the Stars -- we're huge fans, by the way. How did it compare to doing the TV show?

JF: It's not as much work. We were rehearsing five to six hours a day for TV, but on tour it's only the show at night for an hour and a half, two hours. And I didn't have to learn a new dance every time. My daughter and my wife came with me on the road -- my daughter loves the tour bus. When she was younger it was difficult to travel but now that she's older -- she's 6 -- it's a lot easier. You put a DVD in front of her on the plane and she's good to go. Is she into singing and dancing?

JF: She loves to sing, she loves to dance. She has a great ear -- she's on key. She has a karaoke machine and does the High School Musical stuff right now. You're looking good! We heard you lost 20 pounds. Was it the dancing?

JF: That and NutriSystem. Then I went on a cruise and I think I ate the whole ship. But I'm going to get back onto it and hopefully start working out. I eat smaller meals now, and when you're being energetic and running around your metabolism speeds up. What did Dancing with the Stars do for you?

JF: It was a great kick in the butt for me. I thought it would be a great opportunity to come out, have fun, and jump-start my career, and it did. I was happy to be in second place. And you were still a fan favorite.

JF: I'm an everyday person. From experiences with *N Sync and seeing how fake some people are in the industry, I'm not going to be like that. What you see is what you get. Are you having fun hosting The Singing Bee?

JF: Yes. It's exciting for me to be able to get a chance to be myself and to have fun. I love entertaining people so it's a great opportunity. Which song has the hardest lyrics?

JF: Probably "American Pie" -- that's a long song. Or "We Didn't Start the Fire," or REM's "It's the End of the World." Have you ever forgotten your lyrics?

JF: I went completely blank one time right on stage doing Rent. Everyone has a brain fart every once in a while.

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